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Climbs starting in or around Barcelonnette

On the map: climbs starting within 30 km radius from Barcelonnette ordered by difficulty

Relax and climb from this perfect Mexican-like town on the verge of the High-Alps and the Atlantic Alps, close to the highest paved route in France.

Barcelonnette lies 1132 meter above sea level on the crossroads between the Provence, Piedmont and the Dauphiné. It is the largest town in the Ubaye Valley.

If you look for Latin-American charme in French mountain town. Is it possible? The answer is Barcelonnette. Its historical emigration connection with Mexico find indeed still expressions in the streets of this town. If you're visiting in August, you can even enjoy the "Fêtes Latino-Mexicaines".

On any other moment, you can enjoy the lovely market place surrounded by pubs, restaurants and hotels. During the day, you can discover all the great climbs in the high mountains of the Ubaye valley surrounding Barcelonnette. Some go up as high as 3,000 meter and on one of them, the Cime de la Bonette, you can ride the highest paved road of Europe at 2802 meter above sea-level.

Whilst in town, you can obtain the "Brevet des 7 Cols Ubayens" if you have stamped (without time limit) on seven cols: Col St Jean (1333 m), Col de Pontis (1301 m), Col de Larche (1991 m), Col de Vars (2109 m), Col d'Allos (2250 m), Col de la Bonette (2802 m) and the Col de la Cayolle (2327 m). The area is also perfect for mountain biking, for instance to the Col du Parpaillon.

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