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Climbs starting in or around Argelès-Gazost

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The place-to-be to tackle the biggest Pyrenean climbs, east, west, south, or... north, if you need prayers.

Argelès-Gazost, together with Luz-St-Sauveur 20 km deeper into the Pyrenees, is one of the ideal starting points for cycling tours through the Pyrenees. From the town you can reach the foot of more than 20 cols in no time, including giants such as the Tourmalet and the Aubisque. Deeper into the Pyrenees, which rise to the Spanish border to reach their summits, you reach the beautiful cirque de Gavarnie and cirque de Troumouse, formed by centuries of glacier erosion. The number of places where you can cross the border with Spain in the High Pyrenees is very limited (about ten). From Argelès-Gazost you first have to cross either the Aubisque or the Tourmalet. Near Argelès-Gazost you will find the ski resort of Hautacam, also very well known in cycling circles.

Besides these famous climbs you'll find numerous smaller roads where it's very quiet and beautiful (but sometimes steep) to cycle and the region has a lot of tourist attractions. The Pont d'Espagne past Cauterets - yes, here too you can cycle and climb - is a must for mountain hikes in the midst of beautiful nature. The town itself is situated against a hill, has a nice market and a few restaurants and cafes. The large supermarket can be found at the side of the Hautacam near the Gave de Pau. On the north side of Argeles there is an animal park with animals that you will find in the Pyrenees, and certainly worth a visit. The region has also several caves to visit.

And last but not least, not far north of Argelès-Gazost you will find a very famous tourist attraction; the pilgrimage town of Lourdes. Lourdes is also easily accessible by bike, because from Lourdes you can take the bike path "voie verte des Gaves" on the old railway bed that runs through Argeles-Gazost to Pierrefitte-Nestalas.

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