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Climbs in the Flemish Ardennes by name

The Flemish Ardennes stretch out between the valleys of the Scheldt and the valley of the Dender in East Flanders, south of Ghent. Every year they are the setting for the final stage of the Tour of Flanders. The most famous climbs are the Koppenberg, the Paterberg and the Oude Kwaremont. These climbs, which consist of cobblestones, are climbed several times in the final stage of the Tour of Flanders.

Although there are quite a few cobblestone strips in the area, the majority of the climbs are asphalted. The highest climbs go up to about 150 meters and the difference in altitude can reach about 100 meters. Most of the climbs are short and quite steep.

The Flemish Ardennes are generally a quiet area where it is great for cycling. The towpaths along the Scheldt and Dender are ideal access roads. Across the border with Wallonia, the Flemish Ardennes run into the Pays des Collines where the climbs are even longer and higher, and the roads even quieter.

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Climbs in Flemish Ardennes by name