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Climbs in the Ardennes by name

The Ardennes are situated in the south of Belgium, Luxembourg and in the north of France. They reach an altitude of 694 meter at the Signal de Botrange. This is the highest point in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, but, 6 meters short to make the Ardennes real mountains.

The Ardennes are a rural area with a combination of forests and meadows. The density of the population is low, but despite the lower temperatures and higher chance of rain, they are quite popular among tourists during the summer season. Outside the vacation periods there is little to experience for people not loving the peace of the countryside and forest, unless the snow reaches the Ardennes peaks.

With not too steep climbs ranging from 1 km to about 4 km, they are perfect for most cyclists and popular amongst Belgian and Dutch riders from across the border. The Ardennes are the scene of the cycling classic Liège-Bastogne-Liège; the most famous climbs come from this race; La Redoute and the Stockeu were climbed many times by cyclists. But are they also the most difficult?