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Cycling in the Asturias

Green Spain consists of the northern regions of Galicia, Asturia, Cantabria and Basque Country. Green Spain does mean it gets more rain than the rest of Spain, but this area is well worth a visit! The Green Spain scenery is characterized by green pastures, valleys, apple orchards, and fantastic mountain scenery. The coast boasts long beaches, spectacular cliffs, secluded inlets and fishing villages.

Galicia is right on the Atlantic. This remote region has a coastline with many small islands, inlets, beautiful white sandy beaches, but also rugged rock formations. La Coruña is the only sizeable coastal town with some beautiful beaches. More inland you will find oak, pine, and eucalyptus forests, undulating farmland and many natural areas. Here, you will also come across ‘hórreos’, traditional granaries. You can visit a number of monumental cities in this region. The main attraction is the pilgrimage town of Santiago de Compostela, a listed UNESCO World Heritage site.

Asturia is characterized by impressive mountains, river valleys, undulating pastures, and forests and along its coast you will find fine sandy beaches, sheer cliffs, and protected fishing harbours. It is separated from Castilla y León by the mountain range of Cordillera Cantábrica. This area features the Garganta del Río Cares gorge, which is actually part of the Picos de Europa. It has spectacular views and it is one of the most beautiful walking spots of Spain, along waterfalls, gorges, bridges and rivers.

Cantabria borders on Asturia. Its diverse scenery offers green valleys, high mountain peaks, forests, rivers, and beaches. The southern part of this region borders on the high mountains of the Cordillera Cantábrica. This region has no fewer than six protected nature reserves, the most important of which is the fabulous mountain area of Picos de Europa, partly a national park. It is an interlinked area of gorges and ravines - a walkers’ paradise.

Spain’s largest reservoir, the Ebro reservoir, can also be found in this region. Along the coast you will find monumental seaside resorts, such as Santander, and small fishing villages. Santillana del Mar is of the major coastal towns. This mediaeval town has a beautiful historic centre. It is not far from the famous prehistoric caves of Altamira. The diverse scenery has many opportunities to offer for the sporty type: mountain climbing, sailing, walking, caving, horse riding, golf, parapente, and even skiing.

In Basque Country you will find beech and oak forests, rolling green hills, reservoirs, and a number of interesting natural areas. The coastline is rugged and has nice beaches. A very popular holiday spot is Donostia-San Sebastián.

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