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Climbs in Belgium by name

Belgium is a cycling country par excellence. Great cyclists like Eddy Merckx, Roger De Vlaeminck, Rik Van Looy and Rik Van Steenbergen (and we're forgetting a few more) were born here and learned cycling around one of the many church towers. Also the greatest climber of all time, chosen in 2007 by Climbbybike, Lucien Van Impe, comes from Belgium. He is the last Belgian winner of the Tour de France.

Yet, Belgium is not really known for its big climbs. With the highest point at 694 meters, the country has (just) no mountains. But it is possible to climb. The two best known climbing areas even have the same name, which can cause some confusion. In the "real" Ardennes, in the southern French-speaking part of the country, you already find some higher peaks. It is a wooded area where it is quiet and fun to climb.

The "other" Ardennes are the northern Flemish Ardennes. The highest peaks are only 150 meters high. So, both have nothing to do with each other, but the Flemish Ardennes have borrowed their name from the southern Ardennes. If you can still follow.

The Flemish Ardennes are the scene of many Flemish cycling races, not in the least the Tour of Flanders. By the way, the Flemish Ardennes also have a French-speaking side, because across the language border they just continue under the name "Pays de Collines". Lucien Van Impe mainly went here to learn to climb. The hills are a bit longer and higher.