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20 km  2005 m  (1316 m)  6.6 %


The Simplon Pass is situated in Valais. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Simplon Pass via Briga is ranked number 261 of the Alps. This Simplon Pass approach starts in Briga. The Simplon Pass climb is 20 km long. You gain 1316 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 6.6 %. The climb is ranked 744 in the world. If you want to climb the Simplon Pass, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Simplon Pass here.

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Climbbybike difficulty score (129.8)
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Simplon Pass via Briga popularity rank : 567

The Simplon Pass has been climbed by 4 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 567 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Simplon Pass via Briga: 5 reviews

Stephen Dorey

I rode up to from Brig to stay at the monastery on the way to get married in Italy in late May 2017. I was on a pretty heavily leaden Brompton and it was a hot day. I took the quieter longer route through the forest and then joined the last section through the avalanche shelters.

At the time I climbed there was a traffic contraflow in operation in the shelter section so it was easy to ride between the change of lights. Not that the traffic was particularly heavy.

I would definitely recommend this pass. You get a lot of varied scenery and even some wildlife (I saw plenty of marmots) plus the top is great with the WWII eagle and the monastery.

As I recall there are not really any villages once you get going until the top so make sure you get a good feed in Brig before you set out. It''s a long way.

Enjoy the descent to Domodossola on the other side. Few bends just a fast carving plummet into Italy! Brilliant!


Generally it would a reasonably easy rumble up.I, however caught it at 4 in the afternoon with some 34 degrees heat burning my retinas and it was an utter, utter furnace.And to be honest it pales in comparison to the passes further up.Nufenen/Grimsel etc have sections of pure cycling joy where this felt like purely a motorists road and not a cyclists.


Did this following the Leman-Adriatique Randonee route, on which this is the first serious climb, getting to over 2000m. Shortly after Brig there is a fork giving two options. Left (blue) takes you up the main road. This is less steep, but longer and with traffic/tunnels. Right (white) is, for me, the preferred option. It takes you on a quiet road through a forest with some nice 10% sections to keep you busy. Taking this option you will rejoin the main road and head for the restaurant at the top through a series of avalaunche tunnels. There is a bridge on the way, with major roadworks going on 2007, hopefully finished soon.

nick arrow

I climbed the simnplon in late may 2006 - my first 1000m+ climb, on an oldish hybrid bike with quite full panniers. im not very fit or very young, and it was a nice steady even climb all the way from Brig. 1300m+ of climbing took about five hours, hardly a single gear change in that time! Light traffic. theres a restaurant at about 1600m, and above that height it was snowing - quite hard at the top. mostly not a problem as much of the road is in galleries, in which i found it easier and more pleasant to walk. the ride would probably be better done a bit later in the year.

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