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9.3 km  1297 m  (815 m)  8.8 %


The Romme sur Cluses is situated in Rhone-Alpes. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Romme sur Cluses via Cluses is ranked number 625 of the Alps. If you want to climb the Romme sur Cluses, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Romme sur Cluses here.

Since 2005, the Romme sur Cluses will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2021 :  Oyonnax - Le Grand-Bornand on 03/07/2021
Tour de France 2018 :  Annecy - Le Grand Bornand on 17/07/2018
Tour de France 2009 :  Bourg-Saint-Maurice > Le Grand-Bornand on 22/07/2009


Climbbybike difficulty score (100.2)
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Romme sur Cluses via Cluses popularity rank : 287

The Romme sur Cluses has been climbed by 8 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 287 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Romme sur Cluses via Cluses: 10 reviews


Great climb - starts off pretty steep and in no time before you know it youre looking down on the valley you were in what only seemed a few minutes ago. Did it on 28/08/09 early in the morning - was very hot. Luckily had a jersey that zipped down all the way. Nice descent after Romme to Reposoir before you tackle the tougher half section of Colombiere.


I climbed the romme on de same day of the tour de france and some one with a professional filmcar filmed me could you tell me where y could find that film

Raj Soni

Tough climb in the heat the day before the tour really saps your legs halfway up. Good road, trees and nice descent afterwards.


What a great climb. Climbed it the day before the tour came through. Nice smooth road surface for the main part and a nice steady gradient so easy to get into a good rythym. The only problem i had was coping with the heat, even with the shade early on in the climb. Probably best to attempt it early in the day at this time of year.


Just did this climb yesterday (02Aug08). It was WONDERFUL. A smoothly paved road with lots of tree shade. It provided a nice warm up to be linked with Col de la Colombiere.

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