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22.56 km  2474 m  (1110 m)  4.9 %

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The Timmelsjoch is a gigantic pass that connects Switzerland with Italy. Hence it also has an Italian name, the Passo Rombo. The climb starts in Ötz, yes, located in the Ötztal and therefore known for the Ötztal Radmarathon. The main road runs slightly uphill for the first tens of kilometers. Little special, unless you like the raging truck traffic that skims past you (choose a Sunday for this climb!). After 32 kilometers you reach Sölden, where the Ötztal Radmarathon, a must, starts in the reverse direction at the end of August. According to some sources, the official climb starts here. And actually it is. Because it is only from Sölden that you have to deal with climbable ascent percentages. Just outside the town it goes quickly towards 9%, followed by a first short descent. After Zwieselstein the climb goes back lighter to Unterurgl. After Timmelseck, between Unterurgl and Hochurgl (you can also continue here to Oberurgl) the climb becomes steeper again. Until the road suddenly starts to descend. There go your hard-earned (150) altitude meters. The heavy part is kept for the end, because in the last 6 kilometers you still have to overcome almost 500 altimeters.

The climb is ranked number 100 in Austria and number 1594 in the world. Starting from Sölden, the Passo Rombo - Timmelsjoch ascent is 22.56 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1110 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 4.9 %. If you want to climb the Passo Rombo - Timmelsjoch, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Passo Rombo - Timmelsjoch here.

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