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20.5 km  842 m  (679 m)  3.3 %

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The Passo Carpinelli is situated in Tuscany. This climb belongs to the Apennines. The Passo Carpinelli via crossroad SS 63 is ranked number 390 of the Apennines.

Since 2005, the Passo Carpinelli will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Giro d'Italia 2015 :  La Spezia - Abetone on 13/05/2015


Climbbybike difficulty score (49.6)
Ranking Apennines
Ranking Italy

Passo Carpinelli via crossroad SS 63: 2 reviews

Michael Huggins

Update, 13 August 2020. The road surface has been considerably improved since I reviewed this climb 12 years ago. Today my wife and I did it on our Cannondale tandem. The climb is steady and without difficulties for all abilities providing you have gears that reflect your ability and fitness. The circuit I suggested in my earlier review is still a fantastic day out.

Michael Huggins

I have done this a couple of times from the Lunigiana side, i.e. from the west. The climb is marked here as starting from a junction much further back down the road. However, the ascent really starts just short of Casola in Lunigiana. From there, the route is 10.4 kilometres at about 5.2 per cent. This figure gives a better measure of the climb than the one given here. The road surface is good for most of the climb, and the views of the Apuane and Appenini mountains are marvellous. Most recently I did this on Monday 24th March 2008 on a fine morning. Wish I was there now! After Carpinelli I descended to Piazza al Serchio, turned right through Nicciano and up to Gramolazzo. Theres a couple of miles uphill after that to the Minnuciano tunnel. Two hundred metres after this you can take a left via the villages of Ugiancaldo, Mezzana, Monzone and Gragnola, retuning to the Aulla valley at Gassano. If you started from Carrara, Aulla, Sarzana, or La Spezia, you could make a good day out of this circuit. There are lots of cafes, restaurants, bars and water fountains on the ride. Motor traffic is very light after Casola. This is a recommended ride through a beautiful, laid-back part of Tuscany.

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