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20.5 km  1589 m  (639 m)  3.1 %


The Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary is situated in Auvergne. This climb belongs to the Massif Central. The Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary via Salers is ranked number 46 of the Massif Central. The climb is ranked number 1189 in France and number 5167 in the world. Starting from Salers, the Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary ascent is 20.5 km long. Over this distance, you climb 639 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 3.1 %.

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Since 2005, the Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2020 :  Châtel-Guyon - Puy Mary on 11/09/2020

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Climbbybike difficulty score (51.6)
Ranking Massif Central
Ranking France

Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary via Salers popularity rank : 383

The Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary has been climbed by 6 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 383 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Pas de Peyrol - Puy Mary via Salers: 13 reviews

Terry Nuttall

Did the Peyrol from Salers via the Col de Neronne over a week ago. The Neronne is a beautiful steady climb;- slot it in the gear and keep going. It did not prepare us for the Peyrol where last 2 Kms were killer. We were doing Manche to Med to mark a 60th birthday with loaded rear panniers. Some snow on the Puy Mary. Rewarded myself with an espress and cognac at the cafe at the top. Could not stop wheeel wobble on the descent due to shivering. Must go back minus panniers, rack and mudguards !!!


Did this after about 65km, after the Col de Legal and Col de Neronne. Have done it several times from the Aurillac side and was not prepared for just how tough this side is in comparison!! The Col de Neronne is a lovely climb, can climb it nice and fast, some even in the big ring, but as soon as you hit those last 3kms it is seriously tough. Watched the Tour go over there in 2004 and now am really in serious awe at the speed they sent over the same roads! The descent back down to Mandailles is amazing though, 12kms in about 12 mins!

dean watson

did it on consecutive days (evening and next morning july 2 and 3)- just under hour 1st time - over hour 2nd time after a big breakfast at a b&b (mistake) - nice scenic ride till last 2k where all you get is bitumen in your face - last 2k put me in red zone (ie tough as)- i guess 15% for 2 ks will put most in red zone - times/heart rates from 2 rides: 59:59 154av /171max; 1:05 148/166 - started climb in 139/25, but 27 ratio for most of it ie granny gear, none left! on 1st outing i managed to pass 2 mountain bikes, one with big panniers (looked very heavy) was a belgian dad and the other his, yes, 10 year old son, and they had already done near a 100k for the day - if they had been guys on under 8kilo road bikes i would have had a claim to fame - instead they are legends, i say! needless to say i got this info at the top of the climb!

Robert Taub

The climb out of Salers is lovely, following the green river valley upward gently, with volcanic peaks looming in the distance and igneous rock all around. The easy grade makes a good warm-up. Then the road veers into forest, which can be cold even in August, and descends a bit before it ramps up very quickly. At the entrance to the park, the grade steepens gradually, and the ride through the trees is tougher but very pleasant. The 15% grade begins around a sharp left turn, and it is really tough. Its a steady grade for 2 km, with the higher road always in sight. It feels never-ending, but end it does, with a fabulous view of the Puy Mary and a nice cafe. The return to Salers, needless to say, is very fast.

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