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1.3 km  204 m  (128 m)  9.8 %


The Mur de Huy is situated in Liege. This climb belongs to the Ardennes. The Mur de Huy via Huy is ranked number 105 of the Ardennes. This Mur de Huy approach starts in Huy. The Mur de Huy climb is 1.3 km long. You gain 128 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 9.8 %. The climb is ranked 8185 in the world.

Since 2005, the Mur de Huy will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2015 :  Antwerpen - Huy on 06/07/2015

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Climbbybike difficulty score (33.6)
Ranking Ardennes
Ranking Belgium

Mur de Huy via Huy popularity rank : 65

The Mur de Huy has been climbed by 25 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 65 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Mur de Huy via Huy: 8 reviews

philippe hipfinger

I purchased my first race bike at the age of 45. I have been now practicing for 2 years in the Flemish Brabant, not too far from where I live and there are a couple of interesting short and steep climbs with sometimes percentages above the 15% but usually never longer than 200 or 300 m long at the most.
As I am attracted by the mythic climbs, I tried yesterday le Mur de Huy and I really suffered during 6m30 to 7m. I started really slowly and it really helped to produce the big effort in the famous "S". I thought the most difficult was done, but you still have to ride a half km until the top, and the slope is still really difficult apart from the last 100m. I was really happy that I could do it without stopping and I was surprised that my pulses could become normal again quite quickly after the top.

Pieter De Clercq

I live about 35 Km away from the Mur de Huy, so I climb it about 10 times a year. I know the climb relatively well, but everytime I am surprised it is that long. I reach the the top everytime with a hearth rate of +/- 200. It is a killing climb, but I love it. For those who climb it by MTB, there is on offroad descent wich is pretty nice to relax after the climb.

Thierry Mathy

This is a fun one, you better a) Be in shape b) Start real slow c) Have really small gear d) Be ready to walk e) All of the above As everyone knows, this climb has been the main feature of the ""Fleche Wallonne"" for quite some time, and theres good reasons for that. It begins in the center of Huy with a relatively easy slope. 400 meters later, you leave the main road for a small street. Immediately, the percentage rises to a fairly uncomfortable 10%. This is were most people kill themselves, riding a touch too hard... until they reach the ""S"". At 19%, these 2 curves give the climb its name:""The wall"". Unfortunately, by the time you clear this, youve only reached the half way mark! The slope does relax a bit after this, but not enough to notice the difference. By the time the road flattens at the top, pretty much everyones blown up!

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