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14.8 km  1852 m  (1222 m)  8.3 %


The Mortirolo is considered the toughest mountain one can climb in Italy and many professional cyclists consider it to be the most difficult mountain of the three big tours. Lucho Herrera (1991) called the Mortirolo the "Queen's Climb of Europe" and Lance Armstrong called it the most difficult climb he had ever ridden.

You can climb the Mortirolo in three different ways. From the west side you can start via Sondrio as well as Mazzo. The east side of the col is the "easier" side. Often the Mortirolo is visited from Bormio, one of the most famous cycling spots, because from here you can climb the big Italian three: the Passo dello Stelvio, the Passo Gavia and the Mortirolo (or Passo della Foppa). If you first take the Passo Gavia via Santa Caterina di Valfurva you will reach Ponte di Legno on the east side of the Mortirolo via Monno. Good for a wonderful day of cycling of just over 100 kilometers.

We're heading south for Tirano. After 22 kilometers you reach the start of the climb near Grosio. The climb via Mazzo is definitely the most difficult. You start there about 80 meters lower than via Sondrio and you get 2 kilometers less to reach the top.

But make no mistake. The first three kilometers via Sondrio are 11% on average and on this side it's also steep uphill at times. The varied profile of the climb makes it extra difficult for many. The advantage is that you get moments of recovery. After 11.5 kilometers this climb comes together with the road from Mazzo and there are still three kilometers left to the unattractive summit.

The Mortirolo is situated in Lombardy. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Mortirolo via Grosio is ranked number 196 of the Alps. Starting from Grosio, the Mortirolo ascent is 14.8 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1222 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 8.3 %. If you want to climb the Mortirolo, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Mortirolo here.

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