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23.8 km  1740 m  (1472 m)  6.2 %


Monte Grappa is part of the Grappa massif, with a circumference of 100 km, stretching over Treviso, Vicenza and Belluno in the northeastern Veneto region of Italy. Monte Grappa rises from the lowlands to an altitude of 1775 m (5769 ft). It was a battlefield from World War 1 and has great significance for the Italian people. It is also, with its nine asphalted routes to the top, a wonderful location for cycling enthusiasts. One of them is considered to be the most difficult climb in Italy.

The Giro has visited Monte Grappa three times. The last time was in 1982 in the ride from Comacchio to San Martino di Castrozza, won by Vincente Belda from Spain. In 1974 it was in the ride from Misurina to Bassano, won by Eddy Merckx for Moser and Gimondi. The only ride that went all the way to the top was won by Emilio Casalini in 1968.

There is also an annual ride from Bassano to Monte Grappa, which will take place for the 70th time in 2010. Doing "Fare il Grappa," the Grappa, is one of the obligatory challenges for every local cyclist. The worst time to do that is during the weekend, when thousands of cars, scooters and buses find their way to the top. The "classic route" is the one from Romano d'Ezzelino; at the Ponte San Lorenzo (in the descent!) you can find signed pictures of Gino Bartali and Marco Pantani!

The Monte Grappa is situated in Veneto. This climb belongs to the Dolomites-Alps. The Monte Grappa via Possagno is ranked number 43 of the Dolomites-Alps. This Monte Grappa approach starts in Possagno. The Monte Grappa climb is 23.8 km long. You gain 1472 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 6.2 %. The climb is ranked 653 in the world. If you want to climb the Monte Grappa, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Monte Grappa here.

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Monte Grappa via Possagno popularity rank : 731

The Monte Grappa has been climbed by 3 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 731 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Ian Walker

A real bruiser this one. Apparently one of the hardest climbs in Italy, but with 9 routes to the top it depends on which way you go. We started the climb from Seren del Grappa and immediatly you find yourself on a major climb. It feels relentless and never ending, but the scenery makes it worthwhile. 2hrs later we were still climbing, but at 100kg Im never going to be flying up a climb like this. At 1400m there were ominous rumbles of thunder and shortly after the rain started. We pushed on with the summit in sight and thankfully reached the Refugio Bassano before the main body of rain hit. In the refuge we revived ourselves with coffee and cake while waiting for the rain to pass. Eventually there was a small break in the cloud cover and we could see tantalising glimpses of the sunny valley below, so though still a bit on the damp side we bolted for home. My friend Arron, a slightly built Aussie began to suffer with the cold on the descent and I had to hand him some of my clothing (lesson learned, be prepared in the mountains). However within 10mins we hit a warm belt of air and completed the thrilling descent to Romano dEsselino. A great ride, only another 8 routes to complete.

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