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25.7 km  1912 m  (1152 m)  4.5 %


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This side of the Mont Ventoux is actually the little brother of Bédoin and Malaucène side. If the legs are not optimal yet, you can already practice from here. Already in trouble here, then you better train another year before you take the other sides.

Not that reaching the summit via Sault is just a piece of cake. The last six kilometers, after the Chalet Renard, are the same as those from Bédoin. The difference is that these six kilometers from Sault far the hardest, while they are considerably lighter than the forest part from Bédoin.

Still, this climb interesting. Sault is quite a nice place and you have a beautiful view on the back of the Ventoux, without seeing the top though. Just outside Sault you take left on the D164. You're definitely on the right path although the climb, which officially starts in Sault, immediately drops 65 altimeters here. You'll have to win them back later. Do not worry, because in Sault you’re already at 760 meters altitude. What follows is lethargic climbing, first between the open fields, and after a few kilometers, between the trees. It never gets really steep. At the contrary, after some 12 kilometers, the climb turns into a long piece of false flat until you reach the Chalet Renard. From there, climbing gets serious.

The Mont Ventoux is situated in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. This climb belongs to the Massif des Cèdres. The Mont Ventoux via Sault is ranked number 3 of the Massif des Cèdres. The climb is ranked number 375 in France and number 1841 in the world. Starting from Sault, the Mont Ventoux ascent is 25.7 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1152 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 4.5 %. The maximum slope is 11%.

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Climbbybike difficulty score (95.3)
Ranking Massif des Cèdres
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Mont Ventoux via Sault popularity rank : 5

The Mont Ventoux has been climbed by 205 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 5 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Mont Ventoux via Sault: 27 reviews

Graham Taylor

Cycled up from Sault in 2009, 2013 and hopefully again this year to watch Tdf. Very windy from the west in 2009 so blown onto barrier on last bend! Fab day with 2 guys from Bilbao who had walked up from camp site so fed me all day! Annoyed in 2013 as entrance to café blocked by ''hospitality vehicle''. had to walk down very steep steps! Another great day with a Dutch guy who was minding the paintings of Mark Ayr - we were on his water colour of that stage!

neil millen

Lovely ride through lavender fields and vinyards on the lower slopes and a gentle ascent means you can enjoy the scenary during the ride - something I found harder on the ascent from Malaucene the same day! The only tough section was past Chalet Reynard and the last two km where freezing fog and howling winds made it a challenge staying upright!! Left Sault with temperature of 27C and reached summit at below 10C that felt like zero degrees with the wind chill!


Rode last month from Bedoin having ridden from Sault a few years ago. I was on a touring bike with four panniers, bar bag and a tent. Great ride up through the woods, kept in the saddle and was passed by lots of unlaiden bikes, although they weren''t going that much quicker and I still overtook quite a few. The weather was great 25-30 c and not much wind. Stopped at the Chalet for 5 minutes for a banana before doing the last bit.

Wonderful views and one of my favorite decents to Sault, a lot quieter than the other two routes.

A brillant ride, I''ll have to come back and do it some time on my road bike before I get too old.

ian arkell

I''m an Australian living in Belgium. My son and I drove all night from the Belgium and rode over to Bedoin to suss things out. Long story short, we ended up being a touch over enthousastic and got to within about three ks from the Chalet. So back to the caravan park near Sault to lick our wounds.

Early start next day and a (relatively) easy ride to the Chalet. Only 6ks to go and of course the phrase (''how hard can 6 k be?) came to mind. Bloody hard as it turns out. I ran out of legs and gears about two k from the top. But we hadn't driven a total of 2000 ks to give up and dug real deep and finally crawled up the 11% corner to the top. Down back to Sault was an absolute blast, pure rush. Heavy going even down hill with my old mountain bike but managed to keep up in the high forties until I hit the short but sharp climb back up into Sault. Whole thing was a buzz. Still revved up. Suggestions? Train, not on the flat which is all we have in Flanders but grab some good hills. And train, train and when you''re really fit, train some more. And don't let any bastard tell you you''re too old. I might go back next year to hit it from Bedoin. A reason to celebrate my seventieth birthday. Courage allemaal.


It''s a nice climb. The previous hard climb I did was a few years back and I can''t say I did a lot of cycling in between, so I''d say my level would be above couch-potato, but not more than average.

The climb took me 3h18 from the main square in Sault, for an average just over 8km/h. The start is obviously awesome with the small descent. The first 6-7km of the climb are OK, we found a good rhythm just below 10km/h. Then after some 16km from Sault it really gets easy until Challet Reynard. There''s not much vista because you''re in the forest, you just get a glimpse of the Ventoux far in front (cover by a cloud more often than not). Up from Challet Reynard it''s tough, and he last 3km are even tougher. When we climbed it was cold too and moisture from the clouds was condensing on the bike; the wind must have been below 20km/h - it was unpleasant, but not too nasty. The temperature was about 8-10°C on the last few km. From Challet Reynard it was very very crowded - cars, cyclists, joggers, bikes. I will climb the next time from Malaucene just to avoid that.

On the descent we made a solid 49mn taking it easy and looking at the amazing vista before the forest. The poor state of the road meant we couldn''t really go fast, hence 4/5 stars

andrew leckenby

Covered this route as part of a much longer tour. After reading much hype I was a little surprised at how easy the climb was. Fully loaded (40kg) tourer and I took 2hr30min with a quick stop for coffee at CR and a moment at the memorial. Look forward to going back on a lighter bike and trying the cingles.

42 yo fat bloke


Did this one this year, 1h27. Did it from Bédoin last year in 1h37. Anyone who''s done the two willing to give an opinion as to which would time be better?

Richard Kebell

I climbed this at 6.30 pm in July after watching Bradley Wiggins retain his yellow jersey. My friend from Nottingham and I were the only ones on the not too difficult ride through the lavender fields and woodland up to Chalet Reynard. It got steep from there but at it was far cooler than our earlier ascent from Bedoin at midday. At the top there were people taking pictures of the sun set and two other cyclists. It was now getting fairly cold and we descended quickly back to Sault for a bowl of pasta.

Donald Craig

Aug 10 2010 - I did the ‘sissy’ route, from Sault, as part of a 136-km round-trip with the summit of Ventoux as the mid-way point. I set off from Cabrières d’Avignon at 06.20, riding gently uphill across the beautiful plateau Vauclusien, getting up to 819 m before descending to Sault. The first 20 km from there is OK, despite a not-great road surface; I found a rhythm and steadily gained height through exquisite deciduous and coniferous woodland to Châlet Reynard, and the last 3 km or so was a blast, being almost flat. But after that, where the limestone moonscape begins, it was awesome and kind of terrible. I was in bottom gear all the way, passing some and being passed by plenty of others, stopping only to take a photo of the poignant Tommy Simpson memorial before the last 2 km, and in particular the last, brutal 1km at 11%... I went down via Malaucène, meeting almost no cars or bikes coming in the opposite direction. The D974 is wide and very smooth going down that way, so you can really let rip between the infrequent hairpins. From Malaucène, I studiously avoided any hills, breezing south through Caromb, Mazan, and back home via the flatlands east of Carpentras. It was a totally awesome day.

simon Connellan

What a great way to do Ventoux. Starting from Sault, downhill you wind hrough the spectacular scenry, passing lavender fields to a relatively easy ascent. The view across the valley are awesome, something which you dont get from the bedoin route. After a quick expresso at Chalet Reynard from the misses, onto the second stage, the moonscape. You can see up in the distance the weather station as the road ramps up. Beware dont over do it here, as from Tommys place to the top tightens up. If its hot, this part can be crippling. Remember from here to the top, I removed my crash hat, as my head was starting to boil. Finally making the final bend you reach the top, emotional with all the history that has taken place up here, from Pantani, Armstrong and Wiggo. Best day of the year. Also there are a number of photographer taken pics to sell over the internet, look out for them as I now have a lovely framed pic of me on Ventoux with the summit in the background. A family heirloom now. Enjoy

Ron Klinkhamer

28th of July 2009. I had decided to climb the Mont Ventoux that day! I left the camping 06.00 oclock for a ride 0f 1,5 hours by car to go to Sault. On my way to Sault I saw the Mont Ventoux for the first time. My first reaction was.: do I have to climb that basterd? I left Sault at 08.15 oclock. The reason to leave so early was purely the temperature later in the day. We had already 2 weeks with a afternoon temperature of about 35 degrees C. It took me about 1,5 km to find a right ritme to do the first 20 km to the restaurant. I did the first 20km in one go. At the restaurant I stopped for a rest, to eat something and to refill with water. After 10 minutes I decided to start for the last 6 km. I had to stop three time on the last 6 km. The last stop was about 600 mtr from the top. It looked like the road goes straight into heaven!( 11%) Eventually, I made the climb! It took me 2 hours and 5 minutes, average speed 12,5 km. I was tired but proud. After some pictures I started for the trip downhill. The speed goes up to about 75/80 km p/hour by just letting the bike roll. The last 700 mtr just before Sault is another steep clim of about 5,5%. Sault is a good climb to explore your posibilties on the Ventoux.


I recently spent 3 weeks in France, 2 weeks of which were spent in Malaucene. So I took on the Mountain 4 times! Twice from Bedoin, (that bloody Forest!)best time of 2hrs 59! Well I am fat! Once from Malaucene and finally from Sault. What a pleasure to leave the town and start on a descent! The initial climb is indeed a pleasure, I even had enough breath to talk to fellow cyclists! Even dropping a couple. Before long I reached a set of Chalets and had just engaged the big ring when I spotted Chalet Reynard. I couldnt believe it. But within 5 minuites my elation was eclipsed by the toil of a scorching luna landscape, but a time of ""only"" 2hrs 35 mins made it all worthwhile!

lieven groffen

I did the climb from Sault. Not that difficult in teh first 18Kms. The first 2 kms I had it bad. No pace, high heartrate. This passed after 3 kms as I entered the shadow. From the I flew up. The last KM before the Chalet I drove over 30km/h. Then different story. The hardest part : the last 2kms. That was the only challaging thing in the climb from this site. Ill be back to climb from Bedoin.

mark L

A beautiful ride from this direction. I started from Malaucene, through Bedoin then throug the wodded uplands to Sault. This is a glorious introduction: gentle climbing on divinely isolated roads. Want to ride on the wrong side of the road to enjoy the shade - go ahead, the next car is only due in another hour. A cup of coffee in Sault and then the work in earnest starts. Only it doesnt because the climb from this side is very gradual. I even engaged the big ring for a couple of miles before Chalet Reynard. Then suddenly you enter the moonscape and it all changes. It got cold and slightly misty (no wind though). And the gradient ramps up significantly. Very significantly. The road winds up in a series of curves so that as the top of one ramp unwinds, you can see the next one going across diagonally in front of you. Take a few moments to fully appreciate the unrelenting steepness. This happens about seven times until the summit. The descent back to Malaucene is a blast.


I did the climb from Sault in mid July 2007. Started early to avoid the heat. The first 20 Km is a steady climb but not too steep and I recommend this route if you are not a natural grimpuer. At Chalet Reynard the tree cover ceases and the climb gets much harder. On my climb I rode into low cloud cover just above Chalet Reynard all the way to the top. This made the climb much cooler. Got blown across the road by strong winds on reaching the observatory. Ventoux is awsome, its something every cyclist must do at least once in their lifetime.


When making the climb from Sault everything seems to be usual when riding in the trees. But then youll get out of them, to enter the famous moon landscape. Not only the area around impresses. Because that would be nearly impossible! When coming in the open air, the gradient of the road increases, and seldomly will go a bit less steeper again. And because you already got this far, youre not that fit anymore to get impressed by the landscape! But having reached the top compensates this all!

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