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88.64 km  4192 m  (4192 m)  4.7 %

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The Waikoloa to Mauna Kea summit is situated in Hawaii. The climb is ranked number 2 in United States and number 15 in the world. Starting from Waikoloa, the Waikoloa to Mauna Kea summit ascent is 88.64 km long. Over this distance, you climb 4192 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 4.7 %. The maximum slope is 20%. If you want to climb the Waikoloa to Mauna Kea summit, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Waikoloa to Mauna Kea summit here.


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Waikoloa to Mauna Kea summit via Waikoloa: 1 reviews


This climb is no joke. Don''t underestimate it. Bring some support, and invest in lower gearing before making the attempt, you won''t be disappointed. What is ideal is something like a 30-34t single front chainring w/ something like an 11-40 in the back. This will allow you to spin vs. walk. Especially in the gravel/dirt section. As for tires, I opted for 700c x 40mm Maxxis Velocita AR, this is a perfect fast rolling tire that will get you over all the road surfaces on this climb, but without punishing you on the pavement. For a bike, I was riding a Specialized Diverge, but any gravel bike would be good. There were 3 guys on our ride on the Opens, 1 guy on a Lauf Grit.

There are no services really along the route, aside from the Visitors Center, but we didn''t stop in to see what they have.

The summit is earned and rewarding. Definitely one of the coolest rides I''ve done.

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