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14.7 km  1720 m  (1010 m)  6.9 %


The Luz Ardiden is situated in Midi-Pyrenees. This climb belongs to the Pyrenees. The Luz Ardiden via Luz-Saint-Sauveur is ranked number 87 of the Pyrenees. The maximum slope is 10%. If you want to climb the Luz Ardiden, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Luz Ardiden here.

Since 2005, the Luz Ardiden will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2021 :  Pau - Luz-Ardiden on 15/07/2021
Tour de France 2011 :  Cugnaux > Luz-Ardiden on 14/07/2011

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Luz Ardiden via Luz-Saint-Sauveur popularity rank : 25

The Luz Ardiden has been climbed by 67 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 25 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Luz Ardiden via Luz-Saint-Sauveur: 17 reviews


On 9-13-2018, several of my friends and I decided to tackle Luz-Ardiden based on one of the shop employees at Ardiden Velo in Luz-St-Sauveur telling us how remote feeling it is. He was spot on in that regard. We only saw a dozen cars the whole climb, and saw 100's of sheep grazing on the open upper slopes. Our group of 5 found the climb to be challenging enough with several 8-8.5-9% grades until it eases on the last 1k. The climb is tougher at a realistic 7.7% average than some state at 6.9%, due to they include the almost 1k downhill from Luz-St-Sauveur. During the climb, the fog came in and it became very cold, damp and all views were unfortunately obscured. The descent , while chilly, was fast and fun. Also, nothing was open at the ski station. I see one other had noted to make sure you go left at the upper split. We went right (thinking a sign that showed a coffee cup that direction) may be the best choice. It was not, so we had to go back down 1K and take the proper route, but did get in an extra 2K's of riding. :-) Looking at the many sites online regarding the upper switchbacks and seems we missed out on it's true beauty that day. A climb definitely worth doing.


Just back from a 5 day trip to the Pyrenees, where we did the Soulor/Aubisque, Tourmalet (both sides), Gavernie, Hautacam, Spandelles and Luz Ardiden.

This was definitely my favourite - steep in parts, but no huge ramps and the gradient is mostly even. The final kms where it opens out are very pretty, if you get the weather, and the views from the top are spectacular.

Thomas Blondiau

Nice ride, not too difficult. The steepest parts are definitely in the middle. Once you get out of the forest, it gets less steep. Dont forget to turn left on the crossroad about 2K before the top!

Christian Rocca

Chippy and I climbed Luz Ardiden the day after the Tourmalet. It is 15km from Luz-Saint Sauveur to the top. the real climb is about 13 km. A wet and misty day made sure we didnt get the best of the views. in fact visibility at the top was about 20 metres. All in all a different climb to the Tourmalet, more switchbacks and not as relentless both on the mind and the legs. Lets you in gently and then there are 3 kilometres in the middle section of 9%, 9.5% and 9% before easing off slightly. The last couple of kilometres even allow you to change up a gear or two! Would love to climb it again on a clear day.

Rik Batt

Did this climb in August 2009 with my brother-in-law and big sister in a holiday which later took in the Tourmalet, Soulor, Aubisque and Hautacam. Maybe I didnt yet have my climbing legs but I found this tougher than all the others. Really steep at the beginning it eases up a bit in the middle before becoming really tough again towards the top with the spectacular hairpins. After collapsing at the top the views were awesome across the mountain tops and the descent was equally enthralling. The route is much, much tougher than the average gradient suggests but is well worth the effort.

Steven Carleton

Not sure I believe the profile view on this site. I climbed Col du Tourmalet first then descended to Luz St. Sauveur and decided what the heck, I""ll give this one a shot. My Garmin showed long stretches of 9-11%, which I guess if you average that with some of the recovery sections would give you the per km averages on the profile. I was taken aback by how steep this climb was. I was anticipating something much more mellow than Tourmalet, but I think it was more difficult. Wonderful views of the valley below though and highly recommend it. The hairpins are wonderful especially at the top!

frederik defossez

On a very hot day in august 2008, I did the climb to this (very humble) ski station. Because of the hot weather the climb was very hard, esp. after 7-8K were the trees dont give any protection against the burning sun. The last kilometers are full with u-turns. The view on top is quite nice. Because this is an ending road and this climb is not so famous (like f.e. Tourmalet) theres not so much traffic.


Went up 3 times in my summer holiday 2008. It is a very quiet climb with some easy sections. The last part is the best but best chance for a nice view is to be at the top late morning/early afternoon. Clouds tend to settle easily at the summits of the Pyreneees which ruins your view. First time I went up the last 5k were cloudy, second last 3km, last time only last 500meters, so luckily I could enjoy the view on the hairpins to the top. In summer there is no activity at the summit, only some cyclist taking pictures.... Because it was quiet I could descend quickly and reached speeds over 80km/h on the steep sections :-)

Cumbrian Cyclist

Spent the week in Luz St Sauveur in July 2007, did this climb three times with my son. Glorious ascent, first time was a horrible cold damp evening on the day of our arrival, second time a beautiful summer evening a few days later. What a contrast. When the climb opens out the views are fantastic. The last 4km are tantalising as the road zigzags below the summit which is always in sight. Despite my best attempts, my son beat me by some 3 or 4 minutes each time. Next year....

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