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15.4 km  2120 m  (1660 m)  10.8 %


The Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel is situated in Carinthia. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel via Maildorf is ranked number 12 of the Alps. This Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel approach starts in Maildorf. The Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel climb is 15.4 km long. You gain 1660 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 10.8 %. The climb is ranked 81 in the world. If you want to climb the Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel here.

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Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel via Maildorf popularity rank : 383

The Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel has been climbed by 6 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 383 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Koralpen - Grosser Speikkogel via Maildorf: 2 reviews

Jiri Stepan

Really hard climb, especially in hot weather in July. Last four kilometers closed for all traffic. Not because of military objects on the top; road goes through pastures - there are cows and horses on the road. We risked it.. View from the top is really impressive, it is real roof of this part of Austria. We met only one bicycle and few tourists, big difference when compared with famous climbs in Italy or France.


Agree with everything which Igor Kopse who wrote in a previous comments from 2006. Road from Maildorf for first cca 3km need renovation, a little bit bunky...the road practically doesn''t allow you to rest and when you come when you come to the top of a nicely marked and asphalted road you have to pay attention to the larger wooden map of Koralpe ski on the right side of the road, which then descends slightly and turn right to the ramp where it says: private road...

Igor Kopse

An impressive climb. Very sustained, with only 2 short breaks. In summer it could be very hot in the afternoon (mainly western slopes). Suitable for special road bikes due to excelent road condition (asphalt). Unfortunately final 4 km are closed for traffic (including bikes), so you risk high austrian payment for breaking law. Therefore its recomended to have someone with you, staying by the "hilpfhutte" to inform you about the police.

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