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3 km  518 m  (303 m)  10.1 %


A steady 3K climb at nearly 10%. Head north out of north Conway, take a right on Hurricane Mountain Road, and go several miles until the gate to start the real climb.

The Hurricane Mountain Road is situated in New Hampshire. This climb belongs to the White Mountains. The Hurricane Mountain Road via North Conway, New Hampshire is ranked number 2 of the White Mountains. The climb is ranked number 269 in United States and number 4885 in the world. Starting from North Conway, New Hampshire, the Hurricane Mountain Road ascent is 3 km long. Over this distance, you climb 303 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 10.1 %. The maximum slope is 16%.


Climbbybike difficulty score (53.8)
Ranking White Mountains
Ranking United States

Hurricane Mountain Road via North Conway, New Hampshire popularity rank : 1026

The Hurricane Mountain Road has been climbed by 2 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 1026 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Hurricane Mountain Road via North Conway, New Hampshire: 4 reviews


I am writing my book ''Soul of the Phoenix'' and need some help. In the summer of 1985 I ran from North Conway over what I see was Hurricane Mountain Road. Around back into the beginning part of North Conway. It was about a 28 miles loop. I cannot recall if this road went into Maine or I just saw the sign to Maine?

Bruce Picard

10 days shy of my 73rd birthday I decided to try it.After doing the loop from No Conway to Bartlett and over Bear Notch Rd. with some friends and my significant other I was able to sneak away by myself as I knew I would get shouted down.

I started in Bartlett at 302 and had a warm up climb. Soon I was going through the gate and it started getting serious. Soon reached a very steep section where my wheel left the pavement & I

promptly went over.After doing some scrambling to get out of the road I was able to remount and continue up the road. I knew that if got hurt I would never hear the end of it from my family & mate. Upon regaining my momentum up the hill I went a little further and promptly fell again. So far my bike and my body were still ok but I wondered for how much longer. After much discussion with myself I pointed the bike downhill and went back to my hotel and was promptly met with a driveway with 14% grade. A good day was had by all.


I rode this road with a full set of loaded paniers on a Fuji Touring Series IV back in the late eighties. The locals all thought I was crazy and it took me all day roughly 6-7 hours to make it up and over. I was headed to Camp Chickawah in Harrison. While the uphill was torture the downhill was equally exhausting as I had to stop at approx. ten minute intervals to allow my rims to cool. They were so hot I feared a blowout and I only had one spare with me. On the uphill I kept having to adjust my sleeping gear because the grade was so steep it felt like I was going to topple over backward. I removed my helmet for the only portion of the 1000 plus mile trip because by noon the August heat was overwhelming. There was a guy who sold polished rocks at the base and I still have them as my only souvenir of that ride up the mountain.

Michael Emberley

I have ridden up and over this climb many times. Its a short but intense leg buster with two slopes - The Western/North Conway/Intervale side is very twisty with tough with several ""stair step"" turns that feel an awful lot more like a barn wall than the listed 16%. The Eastern/Fryeburg side is a bit more difficult I would say, because of the more prolonged steep sections. One in particular, close to the top, is straight and relentlessly steep. Its also a bumpy surface so you need to be reasonably aware of your line. This is a factor on on way down too as the steep bumpy turns can catch you off guard as your speed goes up. This road is closed in the winter as it is too dangerous. You can still ride it on a bike for as long as it stays clear - but as soon as it snows its impassable, as it wont be plowed again until Spring... Unless youre a monster, youll want a triple or 34x27/29 to reasonably enjoy it... combine an over and back on this climb with a trip over to Jackson and back on another tough little climb...and youll have a quad burning short ride on your hands...

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