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10.33 km  1564 m  (805 m)  7.8 %


De Hourquette is wordt vaak links gelaten als verbinding tussen de valleien van Campan en Arreau omdat de meeste fietsers de bekendere Col d'Aspin prefereren. Maar als je de Col d'Aspin al hebt beklommen, vormt de Hourquette zeker een goed alternatief, zeker vanaf de Ancizan zijde.

Net buiten Ancizan gaat het al onmiddellijk steil bergop met stukken tot 15% in de eerste kilometer. Gelukkig wortd het na enkele kilometers minder steil en halfweg is er zelfs een bijna vlak terras. De gezichten over St Lary Soulan en het massief erachter zijn spectaculair en maken de klim zeker de moeite waard. De top is biedt een open gezicht. Aan de andere kant, in de Payolle vallei wordt het wegdek slechter.

The Hourquette d'Ancizan is situated in Midi-Pyrenees. This climb belongs to the Pyrenees. The Hourquette d'Ancizan via Ancizan is ranked number 121 of the Pyrenees. This Hourquette d'Ancizan approach starts in Ancizan. The Hourquette d'Ancizan climb is 10.33 km long. You gain 805 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 7.8 %. The climb is ranked 1941 in the world. The maximum slope is 12%.

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Hourquette dAncizan via Campan

Since 2005, the Hourquette d'Ancizan will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2019 :  Toulouse - Bagnères-de-Bigorre on 18/07/2019
Tour de France 2013 :  Saint-Girons - Bagnères-de-Bigorre on 07/07/2013
Tour de France 2011 :  Cugnaux > Luz-Ardiden on 14/07/2011

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Hourquette d'Ancizan via Ancizan popularity rank : 90

The Hourquette d'Ancizan has been climbed by 21 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 90 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Hourquette d'Ancizan via Ancizan: 8 reviews


I agree completely with Nick Finley from London. I stayed in Vieille-Aure in the run-up to the 2013 Tour. I passed over the Hourquette on stage 9.

I did this climb twice and it''s lovely. 9.5km at an average of around 7% makes it a good challenge, but as brutal as Pla d''Adet or Tourmalet which are both nearby. The road surface is great and tree cover is welcome on hot days. The road is quiet because it''s not a main traffic route. No-one really needs to drive up there for any reason. The descent is fast and fun too. Watch out for cows and donkeys though :-)

Like Nick says, this one is great as part of a slightly longer route, including the 5km part of the Aspin from Payolle. Or if you''re fitter, continue down to St Marie Campan after the Hourquette and go up the Tourmalet. Make sure you have something left in the tank if you need get back over the Hourquette or Aspin after the Tourmalet though. The little shop in Payolle could be a life saver :-)

Julian Foot

I thought this was a stunning climb. Like others, I appreciated shade after a long day in the sun (I had done Col d''Aspin from the north and then Val Louron before). I was passed by about 4 riders as they descended but never saw another car or rider heading in my direction. The summit is a beautiful place. The climb was steady and at a pretty fair gradient - lucky as I was fairly knackered by this stage. The surface was really good though I agree it deteriorates on the north side (not that I ever felt like walking!). Overall, well worth doing as an alternative to Col d''Aspin.

nick finley

I agree with the earlier review. This is a very pleasant climb and a good option later on in the day with decent shade compared with (say) Aspin and le Pla d''Adet nearby. The road surface is now fine - perhaps thanks to the Tour passing through this way a couple of years ago. If you are based in the Val d''Aure, the round trip returning via the shorter side of Aspin towards Arreau is very worthwhile. There''s a cafe/store on the rhs just after you join the main road near Payolle if you need to top up on fluid. The col D''Azet linking Val d''Aure with Val Louron is a good ride too although more exposed to the sun.

Chris Balfour

The Hourquette tends to be ignored as a route between the valleys of Campan and Arreau as most riders want to go between the two via the more famous Col dAspin. But if youve ridden the Aspin before, give The Hourquette a try (ideally from the Ancizan side; the Payolle side is a bit soft). Immediately you ride through Ancizan, the road kicks up sharply, with stretches of 15% in the first kilometre. Thankfully, after 1-2km this settles into more moderate slopes and at around half way there is an almost flat terrace where the road feels like it is cut into what is close to being a cliff face. The views down over St Lary Soulan and to the massif behind are absolutely spectacular and make the ride very worthwhile. The summit is fairly exposed and popular with motorists/walkers and the descent down to Payolle has the mild annoyance of a minor uphill section. In the Payolle valley the road surface deteriorates considerably and for a short section you may perefer to walk. But overall, if youve seen the Aspin a few times, this makes for a challenging and entertaining alternative.

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