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25.7 km  2571 m  (1468 m)  5.7 %


The Grossglockner-Hochalpenstrasse from Fusch is the northern approach includes the 1,8 km side road to the Edelweiss- spitze. The final 14,2 km have an average gradient of 10,1%, relentless but without any truly steep ramps.

The Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze is situated in Carinthia. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze via Pockhorn is ranked number 222 of the Alps. If you want to climb the Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze here.

Since 2005, the Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Giro d'Italia 2011 :  Spilimbergo - Grossglockner on 20/05/2011

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Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze via Pockhorn popularity rank : 128

The Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze has been climbed by 16 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 128 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze via Pockhorn: 3 reviews

Koen de Koning

I climbed Grossglockner in August of 2007. We came back from our holiday in Slovenia and my father and I (Im only 16 years old!) decided to climb the Grossglockner on our way back home. My little brother and my mom drove up by car. The first few kilometers were quite steep, but not that heavy. After a few kilometers, the way went a bit down again. At the roundabout I had to wait for my dad (he climbs a bit slower than me) becouse I didnt know wich way I had to go. The second part of the Grossglockner was even havier than the first part. The view was magnificant! My father hadnt taken a good look at the mountains profile as I did. He had completely underestimated how steep it was. At a hight of approximately 2300m it started to get cloudy. The last few kilometers were very heavy because you couldnt see where you were and how far it was to the summit. Finnaly I saw some parking spaces and I knew I was there. It was awfully cold up there! Only 1 degree above zero! We didnt drive all the way up to the Edelweissspitze (we climbed up to Hochtor). We had to drive another 10 hours back home, so we couldnt afford it to waste even more time. About 5 mins later, my dad arrived. It was a great experience!

Peter C

June 2007 - Cycled up to Edelweisspitze from Camping Wolferglut in Bruck. Bike is 2003 Marin Mount Vision - started at 11am and got to top at approx 2pm. Weather was good until 2000m when I went into the clouds - by the time I got to the top it was just above freezing! Stopped at top for coffee and gulash soup, got my waterproof jacket, 2nd pair of socks and leg warmers on and then heading back to Bruck. Fasted speed going back was 43.2mph - not bad for a mount bike with off road tyres! A fantastic challenge that I dont regret doing.

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