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5 km  481 m  (227 m)  4.5 %


The Devil's Staircase is situated in Wales. The maximum slope is 25%.

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Devils Staircase via Tregaron

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Climbbybike difficulty score (24.4)
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I rode up the Devils Staircase last weekend. I have a HAC4 and was looking forward to seeing the profile of the climb once done but by a cruel application of sods law the battery went flat on the ride up and I did not have a spare. So grateful to see the profile at climbbybike but a word of warning to anyone planning a ride up this beautiful part of Wales. Statistics can be misleading and an average clim of 4.5% seems a doddle. The last km of this climb is no doddle. The steepest section just after the cattle grid goes straight up at something like 25% and then there are two hairpins at a more sensible 12%, finally an easy 3% or so to the top. When you get to the top you have a bit of a flat section then hold onto your hat as you go downhill over some switchbacks, made a lot easier by some lovely new tarmac. Final descent takes you to the road round the reservoir with some great views and lots of sheep.

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