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1.7 km  292 m  (161 m)  9.5 %


The Côte de la Redoute is situated in Liege. This climb belongs to the Ardennes. The Côte de la Redoute via Remouchamps is ranked number 73 of the Ardennes. Starting from Remouchamps, the Côte de la Redoute ascent is 1.7 km long. Over this distance, you climb 161 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 9.5 %.

Since 2005, the Côte de la Redoute will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2006 :  Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2006 on
Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2007 :  Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2007 on
Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2008 :  Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2008 on
Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2011 :  Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2011 on
Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2009 :  Tilff - Bastogne - Tilff 2009 on

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Climbbybike difficulty score (35.9)
Ranking Ardennes
Ranking Belgium

Côte de la Redoute via Remouchamps popularity rank : 13

The Côte de la Redoute has been climbed by 100 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 13 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Côte de la Redoute via Remouchamps: 13 reviews



We did this one 2 days ago. After 120km and various climbs as the Muur of Huy, Cot de Septroux ect, it''s quite hard on the steep parts. Starting carefully (as all the cyclist we saw) is a smart thing to do. You need small year, I used my 34 - 28!


The climb starts off fairly manageable, then after you pass under (thats the last time you go ""under"" anything) the highway, you make a right hand turn then a left hand turn, thats where the real climbing starts, and it bites your legs. People can talk all they want about max gradient and such, all I know is it is steep, and hard to turn the pedals over even in the smallest gear.

Wolfgang Sauer

Since I was living in Belgium for a while Iim returning each year for Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff. La Redoute, its a legende in Belgium with lots of spectators and a real chalange after 200km. If you have to get off your bicycle (because some idiots need to have their friends in a car next to them) you wont got onto it anymore until the end.

Dave G.

I did La Redoute as part of Les Geants des Ardennes cyclosportive in September 07, after 70km of classic Ardennes riding. The climb starts off steady and then in two sections it gets steep! Not sure where people are getting their facts from but in the offical stats for Liege- Bastogne-Liege it gives a max of 20%, which my polar computer and legs would agree with. The false flat at the top seems to take forever as your body tries to recover back to normal. Great view from the top though!

Nigel Taylor

Where exactly is La Redoute climb? I am organizing a cycling event called the allsevens Tour, 770 miles, through 7 countries in seven days to arrive in London for 07/07/07, the start of this years Tour de France. On out 4th day, we will ride up through Belgium from Bastogne to Liege and want to climb a few of the classics hills on the way. I am trying to locate exactly which roads near Sougne Remouchamps comprise this famous climb. At this time I am confused. Please help. Thanks. Nigel Taylor

Jim T.

Not too bad until you hit the 14% and 17% sections. Then its begins to suck. And during the Tilff-Bastogne-Tilff ride, the course organisers position the official photography station at that portion of the Redoute when you are most likely to look like crap, stop, or fall over (I did all three). Feels great to crest the hill, though.

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