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19.35 km  1967 m  (1154 m)  6 %


The Cormet de Roselend is situated in Rhone-Alpes. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Cormet de Roselend via Bourg Saint Maurice is ranked number 478 of the Alps. The climb is ranked number 240 in France and number 1281 in the world. Starting from Bourg Saint Maurice, the Cormet de Roselend ascent is 19.35 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1154 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 6 %. The maximum slope is 9%. If you want to climb the Cormet de Roselend, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Cormet de Roselend here.

Since 2005, the Cormet de Roselend will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2020 :  Méribel - La Roche-sur-Foron on 17/09/2020
Tour de France 2009 :  Bourg-Saint-Maurice > Le Grand-Bornand on 22/07/2009

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Cormet de Roselend via Bourg Saint Maurice popularity rank : 46

The Cormet de Roselend has been climbed by 37 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 46 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Cormet de Roselend via Bourg Saint Maurice: 6 reviews

Chris Patient

I climbed the Cormet de Roselend by bike on a beautiful sunny summer day. It was the last climb after weekend of col bagging in the area and needless to say it was the best one and far more enjoyable than some of the better known classics. The road is quite narrow in places and so you have to be lucky with the traffic for the descent. I got stuck behind a dutch camper van and a gang of impatient motorbikes. It did not spoil the beauty of the road or the scenery though. I highly recommend this climb.

chris patient

I climbed this side of the Cormet de Roselend by bike in high season on a spectacular summer day and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was. The valley is really beautiful and the road although narrow in parts is very good. This lesser known pass is in many ways more enjoyable than some of the big classics in the area. There is a market stand at the top selling sandwiches and drinks and a little side valley which has a restaurant well worth a visit.


Did this on the 8 June 2013. Started at the Barage de Roselend where I was camping. Over the Cormet de Roselend down to Bourg S.M. then back over again.

The road was still ''officially'' closed but the snow was now only a 20m stretch. Allowing bikes and motor bikes. I found this side more beautiful than the Beaufort side. The first third was steep and wooded then it opens up into an alpine valley. Bourg S.M. has lots of shops, supermarkets.


The Cormet de Roselend is a oasis of quietness compared to other cols I did before this one. The overload cars, buses and fellow-cyclists you met on the roads to Alpe dHuez, La Plagne, Val-Thorens and Val dIsere are absent on the Cormet de Roselends road to virtually nothing. The climb isnt easy, though not to hard. It gives you an excellent opporturnity to enjoy the beautiful views on the highest Alp peaks, for example, the Mont Blanc. So, if you like to enjoy the nature of the mountains, choose left in Bourg-st-maurice instead of continuing on the busy roads to les Arcs and Pt. st. Bernard.

Brian Cooke

I have climbed this col twice both times from Bourg St Maurice. It seems to be climbed by fewer cyclists than the other monuments in the area. It is indeed a spectacular climb, the early part is wooded and the gradient is quite difficult with some steep ramps that sap your rhythm. Once you pass ""Johans corner"" the road opens up and the views are spectacular. The gradient is also easier here in the middle section section and allows you time to recover before tackling the more difficult top section. Here the road surface is good and there are some switchbacks to take your mind off the discomfort. The summit is marked by a sign and just beyond is a beautiful alpine lake before a tricky descent down the other side into Beaufort. This is a great mountain pass usually pretty quiet and should definitely be added to a tour itinerary. Stay in Bourge St Maurice, a great town where you are also in easy reach of the Petit St Bernard, Iseran, Les Arc, La Plagne, Saises just to name a few.

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