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11.5 km  1486 m  (576 m)  5 %


Let's take the pont over the river Arly in Flumet as the starting place for the southside climb of the Col de l"Aravis. Warm yourself up during the first 1,5 kilomter, till after the tunnel and relax during the next 3 kilometers, along the Gorges de l"Arondine, in which you will gain 0 (zero) kilometers in height. Till you turn left over the river, and the climb really starts. Soon, you reach La Giettaz, after which you get a kilomter of 8%. The climb % goes up and down, so it might be difficult to find a good rythm. 1 km from the top, you get the hardest part, with 4 hairpins bringing you about 40 meter further up in a couple of hundred meters. But finish is close now and you can see the top in front of you, in between the meadows, with a stunning view of the Mont Blanc.

The Col des Aravis is situated in Rhone-Alpes. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Col des Aravis via Flumet is ranked number 1561 of the Alps. Starting from Flumet, the Col des Aravis ascent is 11.5 km long. Over this distance, you climb 576 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 5 %.

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Col des Aravis via Thônes

Since 2005, the Col des Aravis will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2020 :  Méribel - La Roche-sur-Foron on 17/09/2020
Tour de France 2016 :  Megève - Morzine on 23/07/2016
Tour de France 2006 :  Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne - Morzine on 19/07/2006

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Col des Aravis via Flumet popularity rank : 321

The Col des Aravis has been climbed by 20 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 321 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Col des Aravis via Flumet: 4 reviews


Did this climb on the 3 June 2013. Very nice. Started from the old campsite a couple of kms north east of Flumet (now closed down). There is some good parking here and I stayed overnight in my van. Took the side road that by-passes the dangerous main road to join the main route. Some very nice waterfalls at the begining. At the col, on the right, they do good crepes. Rough road.

There were signs along the way saying that the road would be closed for a few days in June. I think this might be for a road race so it may repeat each year, worth checking.

Michael Ripsher

A deceiving climb because it rises steadily from Bonneville before dropping down again before the climb really starts. Very picturesque, I had perfect blue skies and stunning views of pastures, villages and snowcapped mountains. With cow bells ringing in your ears. Reminded me of watching Heidi when I was young! The climb is nice and steady, this is a cat 1 climb, not a cat 2 as stated above. Technical descent down to Le Cluzac where you can then climb the Col du Columbiere or Col du Aravis.

Graham Taylor

Went up on May 28th early afternoon as had been raining. Felt hard for a cat 2 climb. Lovely descent to La Clusaz only for rain to start again and transport back in Flumet! Climb in the rain OK but to avoid freezing on descent brakes on harder than normal and pedalling to try and get warm.

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