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15.2 km  1760 m  (876 m)  5.8 %


The Col de Joux Verte is situated to the south of the Lake Leman and might be less famous than Avoriaz, the ski-station at the top of the climb, or Morzine, starting place of the opposite side. This side starts in the neighbourhood of Montriond, after which the lake is named which you reach after about 4 km of moderate climbing. The real climb only starts after you have left the lake, where the road is close to flat. Th climb gradually becomes more difficult, but the real work only starts when you reach Ardents, with even a small stroke of 13%. Further up, in the neighbourhood of Les Lindarets, you can again, take some breath, before starting the last difficult part towards Avoriaz.

The Col de la Joux Verte is situated in Rhone-Alpes. This climb belongs to the Alps. The Col de la Joux Verte via D 902 is ranked number 898 of the Alps.


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Col de la Joux Verte via D 902 popularity rank : 731

The Col de la Joux Verte has been climbed by 3 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 731 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Col de la Joux Verte via D 902: 2 reviews

Paul Gordon

The Col de Joux Verte is one of my favourite climbs locally in Morzine and although less famous than the climb to Avoriaz often used by the Tour de France it is more varied and the scenery is much nicer. You start from Montriond and climb steadily up to the Lac de Montriond where you get a bit of a breather before once again into a steady climb to Ardent, Bottom of the ski station where the climb get tough about here and for the next 5km up to the "Goat village" Linderet. The climb is predominantly through trees with the occasional open views down the valley and the lake. Once you get to Linderet the climb becomes much more gentle allowing a bit of recovery before the final push to the col. I would recommend to climb this route and descend the traditional route back to Morzine. Good luck and enjoy.

Ashley Hutchison

This is one of the nicest climbs I have ever done! The start is a nice constant gradient,Then you pass the joux verte lake which is beautiful! Then the road narrows and kicks up a bit. But you know what coming because there a good information signs telling you how long to go, gradient and how high you are. The road takes some spectacular happens up the mountain. And lower down the slopes you can see the road towering above you! don''t let that put you off! Near the top you pass some little villages and cross some ski tracks. The climb is quite steep but is a really quite road.

Once your at the top you are at the 1km mark of the avoriaz climb.

If you go to Morzine you have to do this climb!

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