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17.8 km  2215 m  (1405 m)  7.9 %


The Col de Portet is situated in Midi-Pyrenees. This climb belongs to the Pyrenees. The Col de Portet via Saint Lary Soulan is ranked number 23 of the Pyrenees. If you want to climb the Col de Portet, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Col de Portet here.

Since 2005, the Col de Portet will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2021 :  Muret - Saint-Lary-Soulan on 14/07/2021
Tour de France 2018 :  Bagnères-de-Luchon - Saint-Lary-Soulan (Col de Portet) on 24/07/2018

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Col de Portet via Saint Lary Soulan popularity rank : 567

The Col de Portet has been climbed by 4 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 567 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Col de Portet via Saint Lary Soulan: 3 reviews


The road was completely resurfaced for the Tour de France in 2018, and there are information signs for each kilometer. As of 2019 it is still in reasonable condition, except there are many drains and cattle grates across the road. In July and August 2019, they are restricting motorized traffic, so it''s mostly bikes in the middle of the day. I did see a few cars, but no motor bikes. Look for the water fountains in Soulan because there is not much after that. The first 7k are brutal and the upper section is just difficult.

candaele sofie

I climbed this mountain in summer of 2011. Still terrible surface (chaussée déformée), though it is worth the risk of a flat tire because of the surrounding which is very beautiful. Vultures circling above, waiting for you to die on this very steep slopes;-)

Stefan van der Baan

I tried to do this climb in summer 2009. At that time, the road had a bad surface/rocks from Espiaube on. Probably very nice for mountain bikes, I wouldnt recommend it for race bikes. Maybe it has been resurfaced in the mean time though. The alternative to Pla dAdet is ok.

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