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15 km  1059 m  (566 m)  3.8 %


The Château de Montsegur is situated in Midi-Pyrenees. This climb belongs to the Pyrenees. The Château de Montsegur via Belesta is ranked number 376 of the Pyrenees. This Château de Montsegur approach starts in Belesta. The Château de Montsegur climb is 15 km long. You gain 566 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 3.8 %. The climb is ranked 6278 in the world.

Since 2005, the Château de Montsegur will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Tour de France 2019 :  Limoux - Foix on 21/07/2019


Climbbybike difficulty score (43.9)
Ranking Pyrenees
Ranking France

Château de Montsegur via Belesta popularity rank : 731

The Château de Montsegur has been climbed by 3 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 731 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Château de Montsegur via Belesta: 1 reviews

Andrew Bromley

Climbed on a foggy day in summer (circa 20 degrees C). Amazing views and only 3 cars passed us during the entire ascent.

It''s a beginners climb (it was my first) and except for the final steep hairpins in the village it is long and gradual.

Worth adding in to your route if you want a warm up to one of the bigger climbs.

Loads of space at the top for a breather but no café / shop etc - you''d need to descend to Lavlanet really, or back to Fougax where there''s a shop.

David Martin

This is a straightforward climb, only steep for the last couple of kms near the village itself. It is a pretty climb all the way up and you are rewarded with the magnificent sight of the Chateau on the mountaintop way above the road. Beware of dozy tourists turning their vehicles at the top. The descent down the other side back into Lavelanet is fast and non technical. No cafe or refreshments at al at the top. I managed the climb with only 3 gears functioning and I am no Lance Armstrong!

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