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3 km  546 m  (376 m)  12.5 %


The Bwlch - y - Groes is situated in Wales. This Bwlch - y - Groes approach starts in Dinas. The Bwlch - y - Groes climb is 3 km long. You gain 376 heightmeters, so the average gradient is 12.5 %. The climb is ranked 3064 in the world.

Other sides of this climb:
Bwlch - y - Groes via Llanuwchllyn
Bwlch - y - Groes via Llanwddyn

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Climbbybike difficulty score (75.2)
Ranking Wales

Bwlch - y - Groes via Dinas: 9 reviews

David Robertson

We've done the Alps, done utterly horrible climbs in Wales and I thought I'd get up this. Very wrong. This without question is the most difficult climb Ive ever endured, and this was on a warm, day with no wind. Magnificently awful. It's there so you have to do it. But not again.

Mat W

Rode it from Dinas and just made it on a very low gear, 34x28 or 30. I perfected the art of just keeping going without toppling sideways! How riders got up this climb in the past on something like 42x23/24 I cannot comprehend

Samuel Bennett

Did this at the end of the wild wales challenge in 2014. Really not that bad, the only way you can get into difficulty is if you go off to hard and blow up. take it steady and you should be able to do it without too much bother. i did it on 34x28 but couldve done it on a harder gear

Matt Heywood

Phew! Did it for the second time yesterday at the end of a ride from the coast to Vrynwy. Horrible weather pushing a 34/25 made me think a slightly larger sprocket on the back is necessary. Character-building!


Oh lord.It should be named Blwch it''s Gross.Toughest climb I''ve done in these isles.Probaby steady on a triple maybe but on a standard 39x25 double it''s brutal.The section where it throws a 27% ramp at you is rancid, especially if the wind whips up.And that tempting right hander where you can throw in the towel is a real kick in the guts when you then look ahead at a steady 12 to 15% 250m to go.One trip over there has me descending it after riding up from Bala and seeing the hilarious sight of three cyclists, two still cycling and one walking his bike faster than the two were pedalling.

Dave J

Ive done this climb on four seperate occasions now and it is, without doubt, the toughest climb Ive ever done.

I`ve climbed the Tourmalet and the Aubisque in France and Wrynose (both ways) plus numerous other famous climbs in the UK but this beast beats them hands down.

It`s almost 2 miles to the top with an average gradient of just under 14%, but that doesn`t give the full story.

The first mile is the "easier" section with a steady gradient of 10 to 15% but then the climb ramps up to between 20 and 25%! This section is murderous. Try to put power down sat in the saddle and you risk having the front wheel lift off the ground! You ride towards a false summit on a left hand bend but as you turn the corner you are met with the awful sight of the road still heading for the sky and the surreal image of a large wooden cross planted by the side of the road, from which the pass gets it''s name.

By this point, if you are still on the bike, you will be praying for the suffering to end but you still have 300 to 400yds of steep gradient to go before reaching the car park at the summit.

If you are a climber then this is one climb you simply must do.

Alan Jones

A real toughie, probably in the top ten in Britain, certainly top 20. It often catches the wind to add more interest.

Dan Ward

Clives (otherwise accurate) account relates to the Llanddwyn ascent and I think the reason it says the gradient is 4% is because the mapped route includes the long flat section around Lake Vyrnwy.

Clive Tucker

I climbed Bwlch y Groes while on holiday from the lake Vyrnwy side.This is the easier side so they say,so I am a little surprised that the average gradient is only just over 4%.Even tho there are a few flat sections,my altimeter was showing double figures for a lot of the way up,maxing out at 17% on a few occasions.Dont be fooled in thinking that just because the average gradient shows 4 and a bit percent this is an easy climb,it isnt.I have climbed a lot of mountains in Wales and would like to think of myself as being reasonably fit,but without a triple ring on the front I do not think I could have made it to the top.Dont let me put you off,as the view at the top is breathtaking.

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