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0.9 km  98 m  (65 m)  7.2 %


The Berendries is located on the northeast side of the Flemish Ardennes, close to Zottegem. Despite its slightly remote location, the climb is popular among local cycling tourists, especially for those who don't like cobblestones. The Berendries has only one side and runs from Michelbeke to Sint-Maria-Oudenhove. Unfortunately, this road is also a commonly used shortcut between the two villages. That's why the traffic is much busier there than on most other climbs in the Flemish Ardennes.

The Berendries was first included in the Tour of Flanders in 1984 and has been climbed more than 30 times since then. The climb consists of asphalt from start to finish and has a maximum gradient of 14%. After the hump of 14%, the climb continues to rise steadily and has a fairly long spur, up to close to the Kasteeldreef, where the Berendries finishes.

At the start of the climb a Strava starting point is marked on the road.

The Berendries is situated in East Flanders. This climb belongs to the Flemish Ardennes. The Berendries via Sint-Maria-Oudenhove is ranked number 20 of the Flemish Ardennes. Starting from Sint-Maria-Oudenhove, the Berendries ascent is 0.9 km long. Over this distance, you climb 65 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 7.2 %. The maximum slope is 14%.

Since 2005, the Berendries will be/was climbed in the following big tour stages:
Ronde van Vlaanderen 2009 :  Ronde van Vlaanderen 2009 on 01/04/2009
Ronde van Vlaanderen 2008 :  Ronde van Vlaanderen 2008 on 06/04/2008
Ronde van Vlaanderen 2007 :  Ronde van Vlaanderen 2007 on 08/04/2007
Ronde van Vlaanderen 2006 :  Ronde van Vlaanderen 2006 on 01/04/2006

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Berendries via Sint-Maria-Oudenhove popularity rank : 54

The Berendries has been climbed by 30 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 54 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Berendries via Sint-Maria-Oudenhove: 2 reviews

tom wojcik

I did the Tour of Flanders Cyclo Sportive in 2008 and stayed at a Bed and Breakfast right at the base of the Berendries, so this hill has special memories for me. A short steep hill, it is at least paved, which makes it a bit easier than the cobbled climbs, such as the Molenberg, which is about 10k away. Its a good 5-10 minute effort.

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