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17.7 km  1570 m  (1403 m)  7.9 %


The Alto de El Angliru (alternative name "La Gamonal") is a steep mountain road in the Asturias, close to La Vega-Riosa, in the north of Spain. It is perhaps one of the most demanding climbs in professional racing, and was climbed for the first time in the Vuelta in 1999. The climb has a length of 12.55 kilometers, and therefore an average gradient of 9.9%. Over the last half of the climb, from six kilometers from the summit, the average gradient is 13.1%. The steepest part, with a piece of 23.6%, is known as Cueña les Cabres and is situated about 3 kilometers from the top. After that, there are two more parts of 18 to 21%.

The Angliru - Gamonal is situated in Asturias. This climb belongs to the Picos de Europa. The Angliru - Gamonal via Santa Eulalia is ranked number 4 of the Picos de Europa. Starting from Santa Eulalia, the Angliru - Gamonal ascent is 17.7 km long. Over this distance, you climb 1403 heightmeters. The average percentage thus is 7.9 %. The maximum slope is 23.5%. If you want to climb the Angliru - Gamonal, you can find more information on how to train to climb the Angliru - Gamonal here.

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Angliru - Gamonal via Santa Eulalia popularity rank : 383

The Angliru - Gamonal has been climbed by 6 climbbybikers. It is ranked No. 383 as the most climbed climb in the world.
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Angliru - Gamonal via Santa Eulalia: 5 reviews

dominic hasson

I climbed it on 17/09/11 - a misty Sunday. Thankfully the weather meant I couldnt see more than 5 metres ahead of me so you couldnt get too demoralized with what was coming. On the 23.5% section I lost my balance zigzagging and had to stop a passing car who gave me a push start to get my shoe clicked back in. A very tough climb but most fit cyclists should be able to do it without stopping. Just ride within yourself on the non steep parts and dig deep when you need to.

The weather clears at the top and you break through the mist to see the finish line. Information markers on each km - so thank you Angliru for that.


Its a bit of a freakshow. i did it on a 53/39 chainset with a 12-27 cassette and I didnt really have enough gears. The top 6km was a hard grind but the cuena des cabres section (23.5% for 200m) was crazy. just staying upright and making progress was pretty tough with that gearing. definitely one for a compact chainset. I climbed on a pretty miserable day so didnt see too much for most of the way up although about 2-300m from the top the cloud cover broke and suddenly it was radiant sunshine. Beautiful. Anyway, pleased to have been up but to enjoy this you really need a compact.

Raj Soni

Very tough climb. Did it in the summer when it was probably 30 degrees and first half was fine and gentle but ramps up in the second half to a ""wall"". Tough but good to get it out of the way. Still go back and do it again though!


Very hard climb, I went up a day before the vuelta2008 stage and it was raining and freezing to death. The climb is so steep that sometimes the back wheel slides (23,5%). The front wheel looks likes it’s alive, you have to push it hard otherwise you’ll make a welley. If you’re preparing to climb the Angliru take some warm clothes to wear on the way down.


yes is most tought I ever did.I climb it 1stx from LaVega than down to Santa Eulalia and 2nd x back up on Angliru again.Very,very steep ,better ride with compact crankset.Itś nice to say I did it,but by climbingit it is no fun at all

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