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19.6 km  1650 m  (1093 m)  5.5 %


This climb rises approx. 1100m in 17km. The climb is split by a 3km descent to the halfway mark. The road is mainly winding but with several steep and sharp bends in the first and last few kms. The average gradient is 12% to 20%. This climb regulalry features in the annual Tour De Langkawi and although little-known, it is considered to be one of the toughest climbs in pro cycling.

The Genting-Highlands is situated in South East Asia. This climb belongs to the Titiwangsa. The Genting-Highlands via Genting Sempah is ranked number 1 of the Titiwangsa. The maximum slope is 12%.

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Climbbybike difficulty score (97.7)
Ranking Titiwangsa
Ranking Malaysia

Genting-Highlands via Genting Sempah: 5 reviews

Bertil Petersson

This climb is done from the center of town, KL, which makes it a 45km climb, 15km on the old road through the jungle. If you do the whole climb, start at sunrise, around 6am, because the heat is brutal after 9am. Get a compact set and 12-27 cassette or it will be torture. The first 15km of the climb is through the jungle. Once you get to the entrance of the highway up, it starts to get steeper. People cheer you on like you are winning the climb to Alp d-Huez. Once you get to the false finish, you think you have reached the top and when you see the top beyond the valley you are descending into, you have already gone 50km. The last 8km are so steep you have to curle around the edges in order not to fall over and whatever the case, dont stop because getting started again is impossible..When i reached the top the first time I was greeted by a bus load of Chinese people on a gambling holiday, applauding wildly..The Highlands are actually a casino resort for the Chinese. The next challenge is to get down. You will burn up your breakpads, and its 55-60km to get home, and 45min of nonstop downhill riding...do not do this unless you are in shape for it...but its great!


Wow what a climb. Its the same profile as Ventaux and if you start from Gombak, at sea level, you can get the full 1700m climb in. Its only accessible at the time of the TdLangkawi.

Get your gearing right.. I made the mistake of using Standard 39/53 12/25 gearing and i was punished all the way. The steep corners on the last 3km drain every last drop of energy too.

Its a climb for the light weight hill climbers for sure.

A great challenge.


Done this for the 1st time yesterday prior to the Genting stage of the LtdL. Definitely not for 11-23 or 11-25 cassette. Ouch! but definitely will come again next year.

Donald Lane

This was a fun climb. I would recommend doing this on a weekday as Malaysian drivers are pretty wild. If you search this hill on youtube, you''ll find rally-car races up it. There is a decent shoulder most of the way up. Also, the police hassled me a bit at one of their checkpoints on the way up but they let me go after only a minute or so.

Danny Chang

The 3km descent mid way up the climb is a welcome break. But this break mask the steepness of the final 8-9km monster..its relentless and unforgiving

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