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picture of the Col du Granon

Col de Granon via Saint Chaffrey by James Letten

I did this col 6 times over summer 2020 - the gradient is unrelenting but the views are beautiful and every climb is worth it. Really it's a case of taking each turn as it comes - kilometers 6-8 are brutal, with low teens % gradients sustained for 500m+, otherwise you're typically looking at a 9-10% gradient which doesn't relent until the final kilometer. Hence the climb is a mental game more than anything - but it's rewarding as such. Definitely harder than the Izoard and Galibier but also shorter than both and with superior views throughout (with the exception of the summit).

Once finished go and have a beer in Chantemerle.

My favorite climb.

  • 11/12/2020
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