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picture of the Col de Méhatché

Col de Méhatché via Itxassou by paul

The col de Méhatché is a lot more challenging than the stats would have you think. It's a well surfaced road (in 2020) but being a single track, if there's any amount of traffic - which there certainly will be if your ascent falls on a weekend - being held up by vehicles trying to pass each other will be a frequent occurrence. The average gradient of 5.8% belies the fact that the road ascends and descends in steep ramps to reach it's ht of 719m and if, like me, you're unlucky enough to have to stop behind a car on one of these steep 20%+ ramps, the only option to restart is to descend to a gentler slope and start again!
Not the highest of cols but starting from Espelette with the col de Légarré (av 14%) as a warm-up, the 25kms to the top is quite a climb with ever changing views, certainly worth having a clear day for the views and a dry day for maintaining traction!!
At the top, it's possible to continue on to the radar station a further 1.5km - if you have any energy left. No amenities other than info boards but there is a bar - St Pierre - on the route.

  • 8/23/2020
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