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Passo di Lagastrello via Licciana Nardi by

This climb is, like the nearby Passo del Cerreto, an Appenine pass between northern Tuscany and Emilia. It has a similar profile to the Cerreto, but there are two notable differences. 1. The road is much quieter. I did this on Easter Sunday 2009, but I have crossed this pass on other occasions by car, and the road is always quieter. 2. The climb is more demanding in the upper sections. The route is easy for the first 3 km as far as the junction for Comano just after Maesta dei Saldi. Thereafter it gets tougher and by the time you cross the bridge to the south side of the Taverone river it is beginning to hurt. After that theres a series of extravagant switchbacks through the upper reaches of the forest. You emerge into open scenery near the ruined monastery of Linari, and can see even more switchbacks above, and rugged mountain scenery on either side. Another good climb in a fantastic part of Italy

  • 8/15/2020
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