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picture of the Breithorn Furgge

Breithorn Furgge via Grengiols by

I did this climb in August 2020 with my 1995 Kona Explosif MTB with 2.25 tires (no shocks).
I started the ride from Fiesch, biked the road toward Binntal, and then turned off the to the road to Helligkreuz just a bit before arriving in the town of Binn. The Helligkreuz Gasthaus is the last chance to get anything to drink or eat before the climb starts. The climb is long and isolated.

I'd describe the road to the top as a logging road with very nice views and no traffic. It starts out paved and then turns to dirt/stone until the top. The climb has many 8% to 10% grades along the way, but nothing so steep that will make you whimper; it's a long slog. It starts in the woods beside a stream, but is above the treeline for what feels like most of the ride. You wouldn't want to be caught on this road during a lightning storm.

We did see a couple of groups of cyclists, but all were on eBikes. I'd only ridden my bike a few times this year and so I was in my lowest gear moving as slow as I could the whole way. The climb took me almost 3 hours.

The pass is very high, it tops out at almost 2400 meters, and you'll have quite a view of the main Wallis Valley from the top. If you look across the valley to the other slopes you'll be able to see the Alpine villages of Riederalp, Betten and Kuehboden.

The descent down the other side is again a logging road but it is steeper on this side. I was glad to have ridden it the direction we did because this side of the mountain would have been too steep for me to climb in my condition.

The descent is long and bumpy with no shocks on my bike I had to rest several times to give my hands a break.

When we neared the bottom we took the bike trail back toward the Binntal road. It's a very pretty trail, but is very steep in places because it must cross a little bridge at the bottom of a gorge. I wish I'd just bike down to Grengiols. I had nothing left in my legs at this point.

Overall, I very much enjoyed the ride and was proud to have made it to the top. I hope to do the Saflischpass, which overlaps a lot with this climb but ends in Brig rather than Grengoils.

  • 8/14/2020
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