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picture of the Monte Zoncolan

Monte Zoncolan via Ovaro by Iztok

At 6km sign where it flattens, I literally had to hold off my tears. That's how proud I was and happy. Zoncolan is everything you hear about it. It is hard, it is steep but manageable (assuming you are not a city biker). I was afraid the first time and was probably a bit too cautious but that is what I recommend to anyone. No need for racing here. Find your rhythm and stick to it.
I started in Tolmezzo, next to the Olympic park which gives you a good warm-up to Ovaro. First three km from Ovaro to Liaris are perfect. You get a feeling of how good your legs are and also you find your rhythm. After Liaris you hit a wall. There aren't many breathers up to 6km, but you do get a few breaks at road bends. I even managed to get a fwe sips of drink without stopping. Also, the road is excellent and wide enough to zig-zag if needed.
I liked the fact that most of it was in the shade as there were 36 degrees in the valley. All in all, a must.

  • 8/6/2020 8
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