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Cycling the mighty Dolomites

So now we know for sure. The Dolomites are not the Alps. They are younger (about 250 millions years old) and, consequently, more beautiful (?). The abrupt change between rugged rocks and the green mountain pastures makes the Dolomites one of the most attractive mountain ranges in the world. Once the mighty mountains were an enormous coral reef, formed in the ocean. Now, we can cycle on and in between them and enjoy the fantastic views. Since August 2009, the Dolomites are UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Climbbybike's top list near the Sella and Marmolada groups:
1. Passo Giau
2. Passo Fedaia
3. Passo Sella
4. Passo Falzarego / Passo Valparola
5. Passo Pordoi more

  • 8/23/2017
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