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who we are is part of GO Webservices. The website was launched in 2005 and originated from the Belgian is powered by you, cycling fans worldwide. We encourage every biker to submit stories or pictures on their mountain trips to

Apart from user's input (non-commercial profiles produced by active cycing fans from all over Europe), Climbbybike makes use of topographical maps, satellite information and commercial profiles, in which case the origin of the profile is indicated below the profile. A special thank you must be addressed to Silvio of, who allowed us to use many climb profiles.

We encourage everybody to put links to climbbybike page(s) of your interest for your own website. Since the information is gathered thanks to the co-operation of cycling fans with personal information or resources, it is however strictly forbidden to download and use any of the data or files, be it pictures, Google Earth files, profiles or maps for making them publicly available via the Internet or through other means without written approval (just ask us) from climbbybike. See also our terms and conditions and the tactics we use to protect our data.

Climbbybike adds specific information for active cycling enthusiasts to the pages in order to maintain and support the website. It is possible to support the website and to consult it without ads through an adfree, payable premium account.

We wish you a lot of fun with We hope our website inspires you to live your passion and helps you to conquer the most beautiful and highest mountains.

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Our mission is to get everyone out there on the bike, to enjoy cycling and climbing the smaller and, eventually, the bigger climbs. The more challenging the road, the higher the reward ;-) and the grass is always greener on the other side. And, oh yes, the more cyclists are out there, the more motorised traffic will know how to behave and the safer cyclism will become.

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Our favourite climbs

the Mont Ventoux

No surprises here, we know. But we promise to add an alternative list sooner or later ;-).

The Mont Ventoux

28 ascents

Well, it could also be 29. We lost count. Our first attempt, unprepared, on a mountainbike with a headache after a night out... failed. That was 22 years and thousands of climbs ago :-). That day, I promised myself to come back one day and do the full mounty. So I did.

Passo dello Stelvio

2 ascents

Of course, we like all Italian climbs although some of them are a bit too steep for our kilos. But the Stelvio should of course be on anybodies bucket list. And, it is not too steep. Just high and long. But that's our favourite dish.

Col du Galibier

2 ascents

Fantastic climb, especially after Valloire. Not too much traffic, not too steep. We love all the big Alpine climbs on the Route des Hautes Alps. The gigantic Col de l'Iseran and the Col de l'Izoard are two other must does.