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  climbbybike race archive

» Vuelta España 2014: Vuelta 2014 again criterium for climbers with 8 climb finishes.
» Giro d'Italia 2014: The Giro 2014 starts off in Northern Ireland. No (real) climbs there. All in all, less climbing then last year, but that doesn't mean the Giro 2014 will be boring. Five mountaintop finishes and giants like the Passo Gavia, Stelvio and Zoncolan await the riders. There is a time trial on the infamous Monte Grappa and five medium mountain stages give plenty of opportunities to attackers and climbers. Nice tour!
» Vuelta España 2013: Vuelta 2013 again criterium for climbers.
After a splendid 2012 edition with a most entertaining fight between Contador, Rodriguez and Froome on the most interesting climbs in the north of Spain, the 2013 edition is set to repeat all that. However, unlike its predecessor, the 2013 Vuelta edition travels through the most of Spain and its mountain zones and pays a visit to Andorra and France for its heaviest climb stages. The most difficult piece is kept for the end; the last climb to be battled is the Angliru. You can discover all the interesting climbs below, on climbbybike.
» Tour de France 2013: The Tour de France celebrates its 100th edition in 2013. The first Tour took place in 1903. Some editions were cancelled because of the World Wars.

The 2013 edition refers to the 1903 edition with an all-France parcours and some finishes in the same cities, like Lyon and Marseille. In between, the Tour travels through the country in a peculiar way, due to its start on the isle of Corse. There, the first climbs can be expected.

Next, it goes via the Mediterranean coast towards the Pyrenees. A light-menu Pyrenees awaits the riders this year with a finish on Ax-3-Domaines. Via a detour in the Northwest of France, the Tour returns to the south via the Massif Central.

The first mountain stage there finishes up the Mont Ventoux (side Bédoin). Next, there are two more top finishes in the Alps with the Alpe d'Huez (climbed twice in the same stage) and Le Grand Bornand. Including also a time-trial, the last week is expected to be all-decisive. All-in-all, the Tour 2013 is more difficult and balanced than its predecessor and has much better designed mountain stages.
» Tour de Suisse 2013: Tour de Suisse 2013
» Giro d'Italia 2013: The Giro 2013 starts in the South of Italy in Naples and heads more southward through, inter alia, the beautiful Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast, before crossing the southern Apennines. To the north it goes mainly with other means of transport than the bicycle. Apart from only a brief interlude in Tuscany, central Italy is practically beaten over. Time for the Dolomites and the Alps with some very interesting mountain stages. The big guns are saved till the last. First, there's a trip to France with an arrival on top of the Galibier. During the last days, the Gavia, Stelvio and Passo Giau are on the menu. In total there are five arrivals uphill.
» Vuelta España 2012: Firework's expected in the Vuelta 2012.
The Vuelta 2012 should make up for a boring Tour de France without real stars. The Vuelta 2012 has more stars to offer, both in the form of cyclists (Contador, Schleck A., Cobo, Froome (???), De Gendt, Cunego, Uran, Kreuziger...) and climbs (Cuitu Negro, Covadonga, Bola del Mundo,...) than the Tour had. There are 7 climb stages and 10 (TEN) stages arrive on a top! A special road was created up to Cuitu Negro for the hardest arrival of this Vuelta. You can discover all the interesting climbs below, on climbbybike.
» Transalp 2012: Transalp 2012
» Tour de France 2012: The 2012 Tour starts in cycling country par excellence, Belgium. The organizers of the Tour have via Liege-Bastogne-Liege outstanding connections with the French speaking part of Belgium. Philip Gilbert was able to get an arrival uphill in Seraing (second stage). Next, it goes to the Vosges with a finish on one of the more heavyr mountain passes in the region - the Planche des Belles Filles - short but steep enough to ensure separation. In the beautiful Jura-mountains we discover a bunch of new Alpine passes. The Alpine menu looks a bit lighter this year, Although the first stage over the Madeleine and Croix de Fer (Glandon side) with arrival in Toussuire looks quite heavy. As we ride with the clock, the focus this year is on the Pyrenees, with the major stage crossing the Aubisque, Tourmalet, Aspin and Peyresourde. In the last stage you will not find a flat meter either. So quite an interesting tour, with many passes including some new that you can of course, discover on climbbybike.

Race and stage profile copyright letour.fr.
» Tour de Suisse 2012: Tour de Suisse 2012
» Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2012: Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2012
» Giro d'Italia 2012: The 2012 Giro starts in Denmark. Flat as a billiard. After a time trial in Verona, the Giro heads south along the Apennines with single runs in the highland and an arrival at the Rocca di Cambio. The Lago Laceno is the southernmost point. The return runs over medium high Apenines, through inter alia, Assisi and the Cinque Terre. Climbing gets really serious in the final week with the Passo Giau, Passo Manghen, Mortirolo and Stelvio to be conquered. A lot less heavy than the previous editions, but with much Gilbert-type rides.
» Vuelta España 2011: Vuelta España 2011
» Transalp 2011: Transalp 2011
» Tour de France 2011: Tour de France 2011
» Tour de Suisse 2011: Tour de Suisse 2011
» Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2011: Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2011
» Giro d'Italia 2011: The Giro d'Italia 2011 starts off in Torino, near the Alps. The Corsa Rosa is the official event for the celebration of the 150 anniversary of the unification of Italy. Therefore, the Tour of Italy and the Alpine national meeting will be held on the same day in Turinstarting with a team time trial of 19.3 km near the Palace of Venaria the heart of Turin. Next, the Giro will make a real tour of the country, crossing 17 Italian regions in 3.524,5 km. There are 4 medium mountain stages (1 arrival on top) and 6 high mountain stages (all arriving on top). Although the profiles below don't show too much red, and most infamous traditional climbs in the Giro are left aside, the fact that all mountain stages arrive on top offers real opportunities to the best climbers to win the Giro.
» Vuelta España 2010: Vuelta España 2010
» Transalp 2010: Transalp 2010
» Tour de France 2010: The Tour de France 2010 became an interesting battle between Andy Schleck and Alberto COntador. Andy Schleck lost the race on the Port de Bales. Due to a technical defect at his bike he lost 39 seconds that stage, exactly the difference between one and two in Paris. Lance Armstrong was not able to repeat his third place of 2009. His final Tour turned out to be a deception.
» Tour de Suisse 2010: Tour de Suisse 2010
» Giro d'Italia 2010: Giro d'Italia 2010
» Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2010: Critérium du Dauphiné Libéré 2010
» Vuelta España 2009: Vuelta España 2009
» Transalp 2009: Transalp 2009
» Tour de France 2009: The Tour de France 2009 was the comeback-Tour of Lance Armstrong, 7-fold winner of the race. The Tour itself was overshadowed by the one but final stage to the Mont Ventoux. Eventually, no one was able to hurt Contador on the giant climb and the Spaniard won his second Tour de France. Italian Pellizotti won the polka dotted jersey. Andy Schleck finished in second place and Lance Armstrong third.
» Giro d'Italia 2009: Giro d'Italia 2009
» Vuelta España 2008: Vuelta España 2008
» Transalp 2008: Transalp 2008
» Tour de France 2008: The Tour de France 2008 was a small Tour, without a.o. Alberto Contador. Another Spaniard, Carlos Sastre, took the yellow jersey before Cadel Evans. The polka dotted jersey went to the Austrian Kohl who later was punished for doping.
» Giro d'Italia 2008: Giro d'Italia 2008
» Vuelta España 2007: Vuelta España 2007
» Transalp 2007: Transalp 2007
» Tour de France 2007: In 2007, Alberto Contador won his first Tour de France, proably not his last. Alberto Contador was also the best climber in the Tour, but the polka dotted jersey went to the Columbian Marco Soler.
» Giro d'Italia 2007: Giro d'Italia 2007
» Vuelta España 2006: Vuelta España 2006
» Transalp 2006: Transalp 2006
» Tour de France 2006: The Tour 2006 was a Tour to easily forget. After Floyd Landis was punished for doping and dismissed, the victory was awarded to Oscar Periro Sio. Michael Rasmussen, another doping criminal, got the polka dotted jersey.
» Giro d'Italia 2006: Giro d'Italia 2006

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