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Nombre : J.P. Schmit
Ciudad : Mersch
País : Luxembourg
Edad :
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Cote de Bourscheid, Bourschenter Millen story submitted on 10/13/2011
I cannot (yet) compare it to the ''real'' climbs in the Alps but it is certainly worth your effort. I climbed it on 01 October 2011 in perfect weather conditions while on a 50 mile ride. I came in from Diekirch past the river Sauer and the scenery of the Ardennes was simply splendid.

While it may not quite be the Galibier it certainly made you earn your shandy by the time you reach Bourscheid.

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Col de Putscheid, Stolzembourg story submitted on 10/14/2011
Nasty climb. No serpentines to count for motivation on your way up, just a straight line struggle. The road surface does not help either as for some reason it feels like it generates a high drag.
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Montée Haute, Steinsel story submitted on 2/29/2012
It may just be a short climb but the section with the 23% are sure to get your pulse racing. No serpentines, just straight up.
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Eschdorf, Esch-sur-Sûre story submitted on 3/29/2012
Charly Gaul once said it was the toughest climb in Luxembourg...and who am I to disagree!

Now that he''s not around anymore I would say that there are tougher ones in the area (e.g. Putscheid) nevertheless this is no giveaway. If you are in the area you better judge for yourself.
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Schauinsland, Freiburg story submitted on 8/15/2012
I did the climb together with a friend of mine on 10 August 2012 in perfect weather conditions. It is only one of several roads to the top and this one is the easiest one in my opinion. The road to the top is in excellent condition but bikers are also attracted so beware. I certainly recommend this climb to kick off your Black Forest experience and you may use it to get your body into gear for tougher climbs to come.
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Schauinsland, Oberried story submitted on 11/7/2012
I did this climb during September 2012. Do not take this climb lightly as is contains several sections at 14%. From Oberried you have some km to warm up but then it starts to get steep. By the time you reach Notschrei the steep sections are behind you. When turning right you head towards the summit which is reasonably easy going.
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Schauinsland, Münstertal story submitted on 7/11/2012
By far the hardest way to climb the Schauinsland. When heading into the ''obere Gasse'' you''ll notice the 18% sign - it is all business from here. When you reach the football ground in the village the steep parts are finished and you can enjoy the scenery knowing you will soon reach the summit.
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Col de Putscheid, Stolzembourg story submitted on 1/17/2014
The slope is awfully steep. it feels like lasting for ever as there are no turns - just straight up as described in the story. (the profile graph needs to be changed)
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