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Nombre : Andee
Ciudad : Birmingham
País : United Kingdom
Edad : 37
Bici : Race Trek
Puertos favoritos : Susten Pass , Klausen Pass , Furka Pass
Comentarios : Life on a bike is better than life not

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Imágenes de Andee:
Just after the tunnel on the way down to Wassen
- Andee Dyke - 10/17/2011
Cuentos de Andee Dyke:
Long Mynd, Asterton story submitted on 12/1/2011
It's actually 25% and it's worse going down.I climbed the Burway and then descended to Asterton a few days ago and it's pretty hair raising.Single track, bumpy and almost dead straight.I thankfully had no cars coming the other way otherwise I might've not been writing this
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Long Mynd, Church Stretton story submitted on 12/1/2011
It's a steep 20% slog after the annoying cattle grid then it drops to more like 17% by the Devils mouth.After that it's reasonable and the views are great but it's popular with cars and can become grating when you have a line of motors impatiently watching you creak through the gears
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Titterstone Clee, Ludlow story submitted on 12/1/2011
Only one real pull when it goes up to 14%.Can ache if it's 60miles into a cycle otherwise it''s a nice climb with no real difficulty
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Passo del Susten, Innertkirchen story submitted on 12/1/2011
Utterly sublime climb from Innertkirchen and the run down to Wassen is one of the smoothest most scenic runs around.I did it on a route from Luzern over the Brunig pass, over this and round to Altdorf and the northern edge of the Vierwaldstattersee.I can't stress enough how wonderful it is.No doubt tough if you crack but if you're on your game it's spellbinding

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Bürgenstock Westside, Stansstad story submitted on 12/1/2011
I decided to climb this after I had come over the Glaubenberg pass to lengthen my route and it's easy enough with some nice views up to Burgenstock.There's alot of construction work being done at the top so the descent is a pain when you get caught behind a Truck
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Glaubenberg, Entlebuch story submitted on 12/1/2011
I agree.It's not really taxing but for quiet climbing with no constant humming of motorcars passing you every 10 seconds it's perfect.Nice smooth roads and the descent has magical views to the Sarnen see and the Stanershorn
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Glaubenbielen Pass, Flühli story submitted on 10/30/2011
A nice slow climb in and not problematic when the gradient stiffens to 12% a bit on the final push.However I spent the descent gliding through Cow crap and alot of time on the brakes due to heavy traffic.Catch it on a peaceful weekday though and it''s excellent.Wonderful views to Sarnen too
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Klausen Pass, Altdorf story submitted on 12/1/2011
Rode from Luzern to Altdorf then up the Klausen.It's not motorists that kill cyclists it's scenery.Long and seriously beautiful the whole route.I rode back down to Altorf which can be slightly hairy if you're keen to speed up as there's a few blind turns on the straight section where the road sinks into oblivion on your left but generally it was just an wonderful time spent cycling
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Milltir Gerrig, Llangynog story submitted on 12/1/2011
2 stars because it's reasonably easy.5 stars though for scenic opulance and for a climb which you can enjoy with your head up.Much more like a Alp climb rather than the slogathon Brit climbs.You can get a nice pace going up and after the cattle grid it's pretty memorable scenery up and over the moors to Bala.Agree with the wind comment though.It can get cross winds which are pretty rough going
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Passo del Grimsel, Innertkirchen story submitted on 12/1/2011
It's a bit of a beast.I packed in a long route with this as my second pass of three and those final switchbacks went on forever.Still it was an awesome cycling road in terms of surface, memorable surroundings and that frighteningly wonderful view over the top over to the mighty Furka pass is worth all the sweat and tears
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Passo della Furka, Oberwald story submitted on 8/12/2011
Wonderful switchbacks on the final section past the RhoneGletscher.Road is smooth and perfect for cycling (as opposed to the downhill into Realp).Viewing the route up Furka from the summit of the Grimsel pass is fantastic too
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Gospel Pass, Hay on Wye story submitted on 12/10/2011
After the slow winding route from Hay you veer right past the turn for Craswall and over a cattle grid.The road steepens here for the hardest part of the climb.After a few hundred yards you are greeted to a fantastic view of Hay Bluff and Twmpa and the snaking road between them which is your destination.All enjoyable now and once you clear the pass the drop into the Ewyas valley is wonderful. Beware of Tractors trimming the hedgerows though. The road becomes a puncture minefield
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Melchsee - Frutt, Stöckalp story submitted on 7/10/2012
Nasty and nasty.On a road bike with 34/25 and it was tough.Some stunningly awful british styled switchbacks that seemed to touch 20%+ in places and the descent is basically a hideous nightmare.Fine for full suss and fatal for Carbon madone
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Passo della Nufenen, Ulrichen story submitted on 10/7/2012
Boy did I enjoy this.Hit it early and had the climb to myself.Some wonderful switchbacks and scenery.Road is good, stiffens in places but you can get a good groove going and when you hit the higher slopes and the road becomes more exposed it''s pure cycling joy
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Grosse Scheidegg, Meiringen story submitted on 10/7/2012
Ah what a road.I could write a long essay on it''s merits but I won''t. On a road bike with sunshine and brooding cloud sometimes rolling round the Bernese wall of giants and not a motor car in site.Wonderful climb and wonderful descent

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Acherli Pass, Kerns story submitted on 10/7/2012
I agree with the above comment.It''s tough and I didn''t have the greatest time on it.Some of the narrow passes with heavy tree cover sap your strength more.The big sweeping roads of Susten etc with stunning views keep you entertained where as this just felt long and arduous.And yes I''d still go do it again in an instant!
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Simplon Pass, Briga story submitted on 7/10/2012
Generally it would a reasonably easy rumble up.I, however caught it at 4 in the afternoon with some 34 degrees heat burning my retinas and it was an utter, utter furnace.And to be honest it pales in comparison to the passes further up.Nufenen/Grimsel etc have sections of pure cycling joy where this felt like purely a motorists road and not a cyclists.
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Pragel Pass, Muotathal story submitted on 10/7/2012
Boy this hits you early.Tight and steep to begin with.Some 18% pitches have your road bike seat free of a bottom.It''s never to unrelenting though and the last km is anticlimatic really.Your begging for an insane last section to really burn your legs.Alas no, but still it''s a excellent pass which can be combined with Klausen as a good circular route
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bwlch y groes, blaen-pennant story submitted on 7/14/2012
Lord oh lord is this rough.39/25 setup and good god the section just before the right turn to the lake had me nearly at a standstill.Plus beg you don''t get a nasty headwind.It turns a hard climb into a utter slogathon
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Bwlch - y - Groes, Dinas story submitted on 2/14/2013
Oh lord.It should be named Blwch it''s Gross.Toughest climb I''ve done in these isles.Probaby steady on a triple maybe but on a standard 39x25 double it''s brutal.The section where it throws a 27% ramp at you is rancid, especially if the wind whips up.And that tempting right hander where you can throw in the towel is a real kick in the guts when you then look ahead at a steady 12 to 15% 250m to go.One trip over there has me descending it after riding up from Bala and seeing the hilarious sight of three cyclists, two still cycling and one walking his bike faster than the two were pedalling.
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Pen y Feidiog, Bronaber story submitted on 2/14/2013
A fabulous climb.Not difficult just long but oh so quiet and so very scenic.Not a single soul in sight for the entire duration.Feels like a mountain bike road one a OS map but is fine for road bike use
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Birdlip Hill, Witcombe story submitted on 3/14/2013
It''s a sustained pitch up to Birdlip with a little pinch before the turn for Slad. I''d argue though that Portway is meaner than the other two(Birdlip and Haresfield).For some reason the dead straight road seemed stiffer and more of a grind
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Champlain Lookout, Gatineau story submitted on 3/22/2013
Haha an old route I used to do when I lived in Ottawa.It''s easy but the road is so smooth and traffic isn''t dense. There''s a lovely view from the lookout too.
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Winwood Heath Rd, Calcot Hill story submitted on 3/28/2013
My favourite local climb.Yeas it''s not the steepest road in the land but the surface is so poor most of your effort goes into finding a clean line through the 16% pitch. I''ve had many a wheelspin and lost momentum.
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Wynniates way, Abberley story submitted on 3/28/2013
Starts off on a slowly increasing gradient then briefly slackens before a right hander where the bite kicks in and it''s basically stiff all the way to the top
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Ankerdine Hill, The Talbot pub Knightwick story submitted on 1/4/2013
Used in the Tour of Britain and some people argue it''s the toughest of the Worcestershire climbs.Alas no it''s not(Wyniattes way is)There''s some 17% sections but I tend to find it''s over within minutes and you simply want it to go just that little bit further
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Fish Hill, Broadway story submitted on 1/4/2013
4 stars making this harder than Bwlch Y Groes??? It''s easy and there''s nothing more taxing than 10% on it.Great views over to Bredon and Malverns though
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Saintbury Hill, Saintbury Village story submitted on 4/1/2013
Two good climbs right next to each other.This and the one up Dover''s Hill.This one easier than Dover''s Hill but longer.
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Dunkery Beacon, Luccombe story submitted on 8/4/2013
Fabulous fabulous climb.Straight away there is a 17% pitch, you grind over a cattle grid and it is steep again then eases as you pass a right hander and then the fun really hits as it basically is unrelenting throughout to the finish.Did it on a scorchingly hot day and man was there a cascade of perspiration
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Rhiw Hirnant, Bala Lake story submitted on 4/22/2014
One of the hidden gems in Britain. The ride in from Bala is the spitting image of the Glaubenberg pass in Switzerland. It''s all just so nice and peaceful and then eventually you pass a cattle grid and the roads slowly climbs slightly bearing right and then the valley appears with a sliver of tarmac running up the left hand side. It looks ridiculously steep but it''s an illusion and the climb is only steep on the final section. However you don''t cycle this climb for extreme gradient you do it for purely for the pleasure of the surroundings and the fact that there''s barely a soul around
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Umbrail/Stelvio pass, Santa-Maria-Val-Müstair story submitted on 7/22/2015
A veritable feast. High altitude, stern yet steady gradient and less of the circus that doing the full route of either stelvio side contains.
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