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Nombre : Patty
Ciudad :
País : Australia
Edad :
Bici :  
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after 5 hours :)
- pat - 4/29/2012
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Mont Ventoux, Bédoin story submitted on 4/29/2012
I climbed The Giant from Bedoin like a sucker in late September 2009, fresh paint from le tour still on the road. 23 years old, a complete amateur, no cycling experience (apart from watching youtube videos and the 50km ride from Avignon the day before with 20kg of camping gear) and an old steel decathlon "mountain bike". Took me 5 hours to reach the summit with about 20 stops. Was passed by at least 100 cyclists in the day, as well as an older man who jogged to the top from Chalet Reynard. Best thing I''ve ever done
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