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Nombre : Niall Boyle
Ciudad : London
País : United Kingdom
Edad :
Bici :  
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- Niall Boyle - 8/30/2011

- Niall Boyle - 8/30/2011
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Mont Ventoux, Bédoin story submitted on 8/30/2011
Loved the climb and of course the fantastic view. My first proper mountain climb. Very windy last couple of corners at top. I paced myself well I thought, getting off the saddle to stretch in a higher gear every now and then. Top tip - spray yourself with insect repellent (migh work) as flies can be a little annoying in the forest area - first half of climb. I did it in 2 h 25 mins - found the last k hard and the climb in general certainly hard enough to get that warm inner feeling of achievement having finished it. I kept looking at Ventoux later in my holiday when I was passing it in my car and later in the Eurostar train back to London. It is my new friend. Bought a t-shirt in the shop where I hired the bike in Bedoin.

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