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Chrono's Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze - Fusch

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Durchschnittliche Chrono Grossglockner - Edelweissspitze: 02:05:36
 Clemens Berntsen, The Netherlands
Chrono: 1:13:30
Schnelle: 10 km/h
Datum: 6/7/2010
Tijdrit vanaf de mautstelle: tijd 1:13:30, liep lekker
 Robert Rijnders, The Netherlands
Chrono: 1:19:51
Schnelle: 9.71 km/h
Datum: 6/29/2009
The time is from start to finish between Ferleiten and Fuscher Törl (12,9 km)
 Willy Sels, France
Chrono: 1:43:00
Schnelle: 12.66 km/h
Datum: 7/14/1985
1974,1979,1980,1982(2), 1983(2)en 1985. Vier keer vanaf Heiligenblut en vier keer vanuit Zell am See.
 Tim Oris, Belgium
Chrono: 1:49:11
Schnelle: 12.25 km/h
Datum: 6/19/2008
Average haert rate 174Bpm, maximum haert rate 186Bpm.
 Edward van Leemput, The Netherlands
Chrono: 1:49:50
Schnelle: 11.8 km/h
Datum: 11/7/2010
july 11th. 2010 (sorry CBB but your date format is not consistant) After disapointing attempt of yesterday this was what I came for. For me one of the toughest but beautiful climbs
 M. van Hooijdonk, The Netherlands
Chrono: 1:50:00
Schnelle: 11.6 km/h
Datum: 11/8/2011
 Michal Grodza, Czech Republic
Chrono: 2:01:15
Schnelle: 10.58969 km/h
Datum: 6/7/2010
 Edward van Leemput, The Netherlands
Chrono: 2:15:00
Schnelle: 9.511111 km/h
Datum: 10/7/2010
July 10th. 2010(CBB does not have a correct datetime format) Due to the extreme heat made 5 stops. Deceided at the top to do this beautiful climb again the next day!!
 Nicodin Gheorghe, Romania
Chrono: 2:20:00
Schnelle: 9.17 km/h
Datum: 6/25/2010
 Peter Cseh, Hungary
Chrono: 3:20:00
Schnelle: 6.42 km/h
Datum: 5/22/2013
 luke pennington, United Kingdom
Chrono: 3:20:00
Schnelle: 6.42 km/h
Datum: 8/23/2008

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