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Stadt : BURGOS
Land : Spain
Alter :
Fahrrad : Race 
Lieblings-Aufstiege : SAMPEYRE , PAILHERES , STELVIO
Kommentar :

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- EDUARDO GOMEZ - 7/27/2008

- EDUARDO GOMEZ - 7/27/2008

- EDUARDO GOMEZ - 7/27/2008
Geschichten und Kommentare von EDUARDO GOMEZ:
Angliru - Gamonal, story submitted on 7/27/2008
The climb stands for 12,5 km from the village of La Vega (Riosa)to the top at 1573 m, with an altitude gain of 1266 m. The average slope of the whole climb is 10,13% and the maximum is 23,5% in the final part. From the beginning to the rest area of ""ViaPará"" (km 5), the average percentage is not over the 9%. After this point the road looks at the ceiling and becomes very steep. We first get to ""Les Cabanes"", with a maximum ramp of 22%. In the 8th Km, we find the ramp of ""Lagos"" with a 14,5% maximum. Next one is ""Les Picones"" in km 9. We here reach a 20% slope. ""Cobayos"" ramp can make us think we are in the steepest part of the climb, but we would be wrong. We find a 21,5% in km 10. If our climb is being succesful, the next part will be the hardest one. ""La Cueña Les Cabres"" will appear in front of us with its 23,5% maximum slope (km 10,5). If we win the battle against gravity at this point, we have almost reached the top. But there are still two more difficult parts. One is ""El Avirú"" with a 21,5 % in km 11 and the last one will be ""Les Piedrusines"" in the 12th km. Once we pass the last ramp,a relaxing 500 m will take us to the parking area at 1573 m. If you made it, nothing else to say but good job!.
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