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Nahme : Dave Noble
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Land : United Kingdom
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Bilder von Dave Noble:
pictures of road surface near the top plus looking up from near the ski station - you climb right to the top!
- Dave Noble - 9/20/2012
pictures of road surface near the top plus looking up from near the ski station - you climb right to the top!
- Dave Noble - 9/20/2012
pictures of road surface near the top plus looking up from near the ski station - you climb right to the top!
- Dave Noble - 9/20/2012
Geschichten und Kommentare von Dave Noble:
Colle delle Finestre, Susa story submitted on 8/22/2009
July 1st 2009 I had road and MTB with me and the tourist office advised the latter - good advice. The climb is unrelenting - check the profile - I have never ridden something with so little respite, so I appreciated MTB gearing. About half way up, the tarmac stops and the surface is pretty poor - I wouldnt want to ride this with less than 28mm tyres, and it would be no fun downhill on a road bike at all. From the col there is a paved road down to about 1800 metres where there is a plain and a good cafe/restaurant which seemed to be open all week. From here you can climb on an unpaved road to the Colle deli Assiette at 2472 metres and further.Its beautiful road and you can continue to descend to Sestriere where a paved road in the valley would bring you to Fenestrelle from where you can climb back (paved) to the col delle finestre. I ran out of time and just rode to above Sestriere, then turned round and retraced my steps- it all looks very different at 40mph on the way down, from 5mph on the way up! I wouldnt recommend it on a road bike. Also be careful with timing - July 1st was the first day the cole deli Assietta was open for the summer, and I dont think Colle delle Finestre had been open long.
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Pico de Veleta, Granada story submitted on 9/20/2012
I rode up and back from Granada on a road bike with 23 tyres in September 2012. High 30s temperature at the bottom, which made it tough, but pleasant at the top - I didn''t need a coat for descending. It is really only an up and return trip unless you are touring on a mountain bike and have researched the track conditions on the way down to Trevelez on the other side.

Road conditions are excellent until above the ski station where it is closed to cars. From then on it is crumbling tarmac until the last 2 kilometres when the tarmac disapears - it was just rideable for me, but at the limit of what is sensible on those tyres - it made the descent hard as I had to be on the brakes all the time which is unnatural for me!I found the views and isolation of the top section easier than the heat of the main road at the bottom and didn''t sffer much from teh altitude.

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Puerto Padilla, Caniles story submitted on 9/20/2012
Rode up here in September 2012. Steady climbing over the sierra de Baza on the smoothest road surface ever with absolutely no traffic. All the way to Abla and then on to Ohanes, we saw a total of about 3 cars. The smoothest least-used road ever!

Either side of the summit, the surface is worse, but nothing to worry about. The only disapointment was the lack of any sign for the top, and it was actually difficult to know where the highest point was, as it is flat around the top.

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