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Note: this personal page is openly accessible via and retrievable via search engines. Rene Knudsen can decide to take down this page via his myclimbbybike at all time.

Rene Knudsen cycling page

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Name : Rene Knudsen
City : Randers
Country : Denmark
Age :
Bike :  
Favourite cols :
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Climbs climbed by Rene Knudsen

Date climb Climb Distance Chrono Speed Power
7/21/2014 Wurmberg - Kaffehorst - Braunlage 3.48 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/23/2013 Kviteseidvegen - Kviteseid 4.17 Km 00:17:10 14 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/23/2013 Fjågesundvegen norht side - Fjågesund 4.96 Km 00:29:06 10 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/23/2014 Wurmberg - Braunlage 6.3 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/6/2013 Côte de la Redoute - Remouchamps 1.7 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/6/2013 Côte de La Vecquee - Stoumont 6.2 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/6/2013 Col du Rosier - Spa 5.6 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/6/2013 Eidsborgberget (Dalen-Stavliheii) - Dalen 8.5 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
7/6/2013 Suleskarvegen vest to east - Suleskar 4.2 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt
6/7/2013 Lysefjordsveien - Lysebotn 8.9 Km 00:00:00 0 Km/Hr 0 Watt

Pictures by Rene Knudsen


- Rene Knudsen - 7/28/2014

- Rene Knudsen - 7/28/2014

- Rene Knudsen - 7/28/2014


Kviteseidvegen, Kviteseid story submitted on 7/6/2013
Climbed it a handfull of times in July 2011. Did it with a 39 - 24 gearing which for me is about right on gradients like this. Will go back again in July this year. Will try to remember to take some pictures

The rating of 3 stars i not for the toughnes but simply because it´s a fun climb both going up and down
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Lifjell, Bø story submitted on 6/7/2013
Did it in july 2011. The average gradient is a bit misleading because there are rather flat sections on it around 2 Km´s in total as far as i remember.

Did it with a 39-25 gearing and would probably have preferred 39-28 for some of the steeper section.
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Astberg East, Reith-bei-Kitzbühel story submitted on 4/6/2016
Did the climb a few times the summer 2015. The climb is a pass and the descent ends in the village of Ellmau. Approx 2/3 down the descent there is a detour to the "Brenner Alm" via the road "Hausberg".

Please be aware that even thought both sides are paved and i good condition there is 1-200 m of gravel road at the very top of the pass.

The descent is in my view the prettier than the ascen
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Eidsborg, Dalen story submitted on 8/25/2011
Climbed Eidsborg in June and the listed climb does not correspond with my experience. The climb continues around 2,5 Km past the village of Eidsborg making it 7,6 km in total. As far as i can judge it climbs 652 m in total giving an average of 8,6%.

The first 3,8 km of the climb is by far the toughest,10,9% in average.

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Tours cycled

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