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Cycling nutrition

Cycling food and drinks

Foods and drink are a must, because you need food and drinks for cycling and climbing!
In addition to training, nutrition and hydration are the most important elements for excellence. It is not only important 'what' and 'how' we eat and drink, but also 'when' we do this.

Important to know is that if you get off your bike after a workout or trip, the first half hour is the most important to take in foods (recovery drink with carbohydrates and amino acids and sufficient moisture). A good energy drink contains the amino acids, carbohydrates and also antioxidants. Especially in combination with proteins, your body can process carbohydrates faster:
Examples of proteins: egg - yogurt - low fat cheese
carbohydrates: cereals, peoples products, fresh vegetables (vitamins, minerals and fiber)
Avoid: fast sugars

There are two types of carbohydrates: simple and complex. Both are broken down into glucose which generates energy in your muscles.
Complex carbohydrates give away their energy slowly and are therefore ideal for activities such as climbing where a sustained supply of energy is required. Simple carbohydrates release their energy more rapidly but are also faster exhausted.


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